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The Monte Ahuja Faculty are professors with tremendous expertise in their academic disciplines as well as related experience in business. Nearly every faculty member has a terminal degree in their field of specialization—many from the world’s leading business schools. In addition, faculty are actively involved in the community - as business consultants, members of professional organizations, and community leaders - bringing a richness of practical application to every course they teach.

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Faculty Index by Last Name:
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* Appan, Radha Computer & Information Science
* Arndt, Timothy Computer & Information Science
Ataseven, Cigdem Operations and Supply Chain Management
* Bakke, Sharen Computer & Information Science
Barnes, Susan (Susan F. Storrud-Barnes) Management & Labor
* Blake, Ben Computer & Information Science
* Chen, Injazz Operations and Supply Chain Management
* Chen, Jen-Yi Operations and Supply Chain Management
* Choi, Jungsil (David) Marketing
D'Orazio, James Marketing
Davisson, Donna Marketing
* DeGroot, Timothy Management & Labor
* Deng, Ping Management & Labor
Dickinson, Christine Marketing
* Dixit, Ashutosh Marketing
* Dobeck, Mark Management & Labor
* Dunegan, Kenneth Management & Labor
E top
Eichhorn, Bradford Operations and Supply Chain Management
English, Jeffrey Marketing
* Gallagher, Vickie Management & Labor
* Geekie, John Accounting
* Ghosh, Amit Marketing
* Granot, Elad College of Business, Dean's Office
* Gross, Andrew Marketing
Hanson, Thomas Finance
Harwick, Cheryl Accounting
* Henry, Raymond (Ray) Computer & Information Science
* Holtzblatt, Mark Accounting
* Hrivnak, MaryWilson Management & Labor
J top
* Javalgi, Rajshekhar College of Business, Dean's Office
* Jayanti, Rama Marketing
Kaminsky, Daniel (Dan) Accounting
Klaus, Frank Accounting
Klee, Roger Finance
* Konangi, Vijaya Computer & Information Science
* Le-Nguyen, Khuong Computer & Information Science
* Lee, Paul Accounting
* Lin, Chien-Hua Computer & Information Science
* Madhavaram, Sreedhar Marketing
Madlock, Paul Marketing
* Mal-Sarkar, Sanchita Computer & Information Science
* Martin, Harry Management & Labor
* Matos, Victor Computer & Information Science
Mazzola, Joseph College of Business, Dean's Office
* McClain, Bruce Accounting
* McIntyre, David Computer & Information Science
* Meier, Heidi Accounting
Molina, Richard Accounting
P top
* Park, Jieun (J.E. ) Marketing
Paul, Howard Computer & Information Science
* Pesta, Bryan Management & Labor
* Peterson, Lori Management & Labor
Polomsky, Michael Operations and Supply Chain Management
* Porter, Tracy Management & Labor
* Poznanski, Peter Accounting
Raimer, Russell Finance
* Reed, Richard Management & Labor
Rickett, Laura Accounting
Roncagli, Francis Finance
Rose, Mary Accounting
Rozen, Etzmun Accounting
Ruggeri, Kimberly Marketing
S top
* Sang, Janche Computer & Information Science
* Sikder, Iftikhar Computer & Information Science
* Slotnick, Susan Operations and Supply Chain Management
* Smith, Deborah Accounting
* Topor, David Management & Labor
* Tukel, Oya Operations and Supply Chain Management
Turken, Nazli Operations and Supply Chain Management
Valcea, Sorin Management & Labor
Vernon, Ivan Marketing
* Wang, Haodong Computer & Information Science
Wang, Wei Finance
Y top
* Yetmar, Scott Accounting
* Zhou, Haigang (周海刚) Finance

* Graduate Faculty
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