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Fenn College is especially proud of its faculty and staff. Both are hands-on and accessible to students of every level. Fenn Faculty are well-renowned for their expertise and research excellence. Drawn from academic institutions across the world, as well as being professionals with years of real-world experience, the faculty at Fenn College offer a unique blend of theory and application.

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Faculty Index by Last Name:
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Abou-Ghalioum, Ahmad Engineering Technology
Adams, Michael Mechanical Engineering
Aidja, Toufik Engineering Technology
* Alexander, Charles Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Atherton, William Engineering Technology
* Belovich, Joanne Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
* Chatzimavroudis, George College of Engineering, Dean's Office
* Chu, Pong Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Delatte, Norbert Civil And Environmental Engineering
Devine, David Civil And Environmental Engineering
* Dong, Lili Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Duffy, Stephen Civil And Environmental Engineering
Dural, Nilufer Civil And Environmental Engineering
E top
* Ebiana, Asuquo Mechanical Engineering
Fox, Harry Engineering Technology
* Fu, Yongjian Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Gao, Zhiqiang Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Gatica, Jorge Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
* Halloran, Jason Mechanical Engineering
Hess, Andrew Engineering Technology
Hizlan, Murad Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Holland, Nolan Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
* Hung, Yung-Tse Civil And Environmental Engineering
* Ibrahim, Mounir Mechanical Engineering
J top
* Jalalpour, Mehdi Civil And Environmental Engineering
* Jenkins, Jacqueline Civil And Environmental Engineering
Karlsson, Marie Anette College of Engineering, Dean's Office
* Khan, Lutful Civil And Environmental Engineering
* Kim, Ung Tae (Ungtae Kim) Civil And Environmental Engineering
Kocher, Walter (Walt) Civil And Environmental Engineering
* Kothapalli, Chandrasekhar (Chandra Kothapalli) Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
* Lee, Moo-Yeal Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
* Lin, Paul College of Engineering, Dean's Office
* Lustig, Rolf Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
* Nayfeh, Taysir Mechanical Engineering
R top
* Rashidi, Majid Mechanical Engineering
* Richter, Hanz Mechanical Engineering
* Sawicki, Jerzy Mechanical Engineering
* Schearer, Eric Mechanical Engineering
* Simon, Daniel (Dan) Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Sridhar, Nigamanth (Nigamanth) Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Stankovic, Ana (Ana Vladan Stankovic) Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Talu, Orhan Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
* Tewari, Surendra Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
* Ungarala, Sridhar Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
* Wirth, Christopher (Chris) Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Y top
* Yau, Siu-Tung Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Yu, Chansu (Chan) Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Zhang, Wei Mechanical Engineering
* Zhao, Wenbing Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* Zhu, Ye Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
* van den Bogert, Antonie (Ton van den Bogert) Mechanical Engineering

* Graduate Faculty
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