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For our professors, teaching isn't a profession - it's a passion. Our professors take students beyond the classroom, sharing their expertise through research and mentoring. More than 90 percent of our full-time professors hold the highest degree in their fields. All faculty members schedule time to meet with students, and they are eager to provide students with personal attention. Many of our students work in partnership with faculty in cutting-edge research. Our faculty's outstanding achievements in research and scholarship are reflected in the rapid increase in research funding. In addition, often in collaboration with students, faculty present their work in nationally and internationally renowned journals, and as speakers at seminal conferences in their fields.

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To learn more about our outstanding full-time, view faculty index by last name, department/school or research interest.

Faculty Index by Last Name:
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* Allensworth-Davies, Donald (Don) Health Sciences
* Anderson, David Chemistry
* Ball, David Chemistry
* Barik, Sailen Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Bayachou, Mekki Chemistry
* Bazyk, John (John) Health Sciences
* Bazyk, Susan (Sue) Health Sciences
Behr-Jerome, Carolyn Mathematics
* Berdis, Anthony Chemistry
* Boerner, G Valentin Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
Bond, Meredith College of Sciences and Health Professions, Dean's Office
Borisov, Alexander Physics
* Bowen, Chieh-Chen (C.C.) Psychology
* Bubenik, Peter Mathematics
C top
* Chilton, Robin Health Sciences
Chincholkar, Sandra Mathematics
* Clapham, Wentworth (W. B. (Pete) Clapham) Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Cox, Violet Health Sciences
* DeMarco, Joanna (Jodi) Health Sciences
* Dean, R (Jeff) Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Doane, Lisa Psychology
* Doerder, F Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Ekelman, Beth Health Sciences
* Espy, Deborah (Debbie) Health Sciences
* Fan, Yiying (Richard Fan) Mathematics
* Fodor, Petru Physics
* France, Christopher (Chris) Psychology
Frato, Patrick Psychology
G top
Gates, Michael College of Sciences and Health Professions, Dean's Office
Gibson, A (Ralph) Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Gogonea, Valentin Chemistry
* Goodman, Glenn (Glenn) Health Sciences
* Gordon Pershey, Monica Health Sciences
Guo, Baochuan Chemistry
* Hammonds, Michael (Dr. Mike) Health Sciences
* Holcomb, John Mathematics
* Horvath, Michael (Mike) Psychology
* Iwuagwu, Stella Health Sciences
* Jeziorowski, John Health Sciences
* Judge, Katherine (Kathie) Psychology
K top
* Kahana, Boaz Psychology
* Kalafatis, Michael Chemistry
Kan, Patricia (Pat Kan) Mathematics
* Kaufman, Miron Physics
* Keehan, Jane Health Sciences
* Komar, Anton Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Kondratov, Roman Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Krebs, Robert (Bob Krebs) Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
LaPlaca, Gregory Mathematics
* Lammers, Andrew Health Sciences
* Li, Bibo Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Li, Xiang Physics
* Lupton, Gregory Mathematics
M top
Manouchehri, Mohsen Mathematics
Marquard, Antoinette Mathematics
Martins, Luiz (L. Felipe Martins) Mathematics
* Masnovi, John Chemistry
Mathew, Sam Health Sciences
* Mazumder, Barsanjit Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* McIntyre, Karen Health Sciences
* McLennan, Conor Psychology
McMahon, Colleen (Dr. McMahon) Psychology
* McNamara, Kathleen (Kathy) Psychology
* Milidonis, Mary (Mary K. Milidonis) Health Sciences
Modney, Barbara Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
Moore, Tiffany Mathematics
* Munther, Daniel Mathematics
O top
* Oprea, John Mathematics
* Pantano, Kathleen Health Sciences
* Papana, Ariadni Mathematics
* Pesek, Todd (Dr. Todd) Health Sciences
Phillips-Bey, Carol Mathematics
* Poreh, Amir Psychology
* Quinn, Linda Mathematics
* Rakos, Richard College of Sciences and Health Professions, Dean's Office
* Reinthal, M (Ann Karas Reinthal) Health Sciences
* Resnick, Andrew Physics
Rodrigues, Ieda Mathematics
S top
* Sahley, Tony Health Sciences
* Sam-Yellowe, Tobili Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Scott, Jonathan Mathematics
* Severson, Aaron (Aaron) Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
Shah, Amee Health Sciences
* Shao, Sailai (Sally Shao) Mathematics
* Shukla, Girish (Girish) Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Slifkin, Andrew Psychology
* Smith, Albert Psychology
* Soprunov, Ivan Mathematics
* Srinivasan, Parthasarathy Mathematics
* Stella, Leah (Leah Gold) Mathematics
* Streletzky, Kiril Physics
* Su, Anne Health Sciences
* Su, Bin Chemistry
* Suen, Chung-Yi Mathematics
* Sun, Xue-Long Chemistry
T top
* Turner, John Chemistry
* Vitali, Jacqueline Physics
Walker, Jearl (Jearl Walker) Physics
Walsh, John Mathematics
* Walton, Bernard (Michael) Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Wendland, Madalynn Health Sciences
* Weyman, Crystal Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Wolin, Julie Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
Woodside, Brian Psychology
* Wu, Yuping Mathematics
* Xu, Yan Chemistry
Y top
* Yuan, Fasong Biology, Geology, Environmental Science
* Zhou, Aimin Chemistry
* Zurcher, Ulrich (Ulrich Zurcher) Physics

* Graduate Faculty
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