Maggie Jackson (Maggie), Ph.D.
 Title: Interim Chair & Professor
MSW Director
 Dept: Anthropology
 Office: CB 141
 Phone: 216-687-4599,  216-687-4560
 Fax: 216-687-5590
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. CB 141, Cleveland, OH 44115

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B.A., Sociology, Northwestern College, 1969
MSW, Social Work, University of Denver, 1971
Ph.D., Social Work, Case Western Reserve, 1979
Brief Bio:
I have had a long time interest in support systems used by individuals to enhance their well-being, and I have developed appreciation and understanding of the significance of those support systems helping individuals with the many struggles and barriers they encounter. This interest arose after researching and writing about social support systems being used by single parent families, and specifically, black men. Presently, I am exploring models to understand social work practices and their impact, as well as resources that support systems have provided for individuals in need. Research for a textbook co-authored with Dr. Lonnie Helton, Social Work Practice with Families, entailed exploring support systems for various types of families. That research has led me to continue my interest in developing ways for students to better understand the manner in which they can assist clients through understanding the positive utilization of support systems. Another interest is the development of a field education book that will help students as they integrate classroom theory with field practice. The format of the book is designed to address apprehensions as well as prepare students to understand the reality of social work applications within an agency setting.

I was born in Alabama and grew up during the "Jim Crow" days. As a result of being reared in a closed society, I have attempted to assist in changing barriers that prevent individuals from being able to view each other in a humanistic manner. My contribution to this concept involves making a difference in the lives of those diverse individuals and groups with whom I have had the privilege to work and know. Wanting to assist others continues to be important to me and has led to my accepting appointments to the Board of Trustees of Africa University (Zimbabwe), Northwestern College (Iowa), Methodist Theological School in Ohio and to the Counselor and Social Work Board for the State of Ohio. Having the opportunity to create and to decide policy issues impacting students and professionals has provided another avenue for contributing to their growth and development through their educational and work experiences. Being a social worker has been important to me because of the commitment of the profession to advance the well-being of all humanity.