Michael A Dover, BSW, MSW, Ph.D.
 Title: Associate College Lecturer
 Dept: Social Work
 Office: CB 326
 Phone: 216-687-3564
 Fax: (216)687-5590
 Email: M.A.DOVER@csuohio.edu
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. CB 326, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
collective impact of the human services, oppression, dehumanization, exploitation, human need, human needs, real property, property tax exemption, aging, social work education, social policy, social welfare policy, externalities, externalization, unanticipated consequences, unintended consequences, perverse incentives, moral hazards, policy briefs, advocacy letters, incremental and fundamental social change, nonprofit sector, public sector, mixed economy, pragmatism.
B.S., Social Work, Adelphi University, 1978
M.S., Social Work, Columbia University, 1980
M.A., Sociology, University of Michigan, 1996
Ph.D., Social Work and Sociology, University of Michigan, 2003
Brief Bio:
Michael A. Dover has been a social worker since receiving his B.S.W. from Adelphi University's ANSWER program in 1978.  After earning his MSSW at Columbia in 1980, he spent over 10 years as an advanced generalist practitioner of occupational social work, directing several union-based member assistance programs in New Orleans, New York and Philadelphia.  Beginning in 1991, during his 12-year residency in the Doctoral Program in Social Work and Sociology at the University of Michigan, he was an NIA Pre-Doctoral Fellow and completed a dissertation on the history of the property tax exemption in Ohio's urban areas.  He has published a typology of three sources of injustice: oppression, dehumanization and exploitation.  He was primary author of the first entry on human needs in the Encyclopedia of Social Work and authored the entry on human needs in Oxford Bibliographies Online: Social Work.  He has directed the BSW Program at Central Michigan University and since 2007 has served on the full-time faculty at Cleveland State University.  He was co-convener of the Bertha Capen Reynolds Society (now Social Welfare Action Alliance) in 1985, and founder of the Cuyahoga County Conference on Social Welfare in 2011.  Long a contributor to Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping (www.rnoph.org), he has served as editor since 2012.

I am an Ohio native, born in Alliance and partially raised in Maple Heights.  My mother's family was directly descended from the Armstrongs and Stanleys who helped settle the Western Reserve in 1803.  In the early 1920s, my paternal great-grandmother and grandmother brought my father from the cotton belt to Akron and then Cleveland.  These deep Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio family roots affected my choice of Ohio for my dissertation research.

My dissertation in Social Work and Sociology at the University of Michigan was based on four years of research in Toledo and at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus. It was titled "The Social System of Real Property Ownership: Public and Nonprofit Property Tax Exemptions and Corporate Tax Abatements in City and Suburb, 1955-2000."
Honors and Awards:
2014 Cleveland State University Civic Engagement Grant
2014 Cleveland State University Civic Engagement Grant
2012 Social Worker of the Year, National Association of Social Workers Ohio Chapter, Region 3.
Creative and Activities:
At least once a year, I creatively seek new ways of catching, kissing and releasing smallmouth bass. Evern few weeks I creatively seek to find new ways of not losing golf balls in the woods. I am an avid film buff, and reviewed films for a local publication while living in New Orleans. I have several dozen copies of a new reprint of my story, Pooh and Party Look for Haycorns and Discover Christmas, available upon request. It was originally published in the Christmas edition of the Michigan Daily in 1969, and the Board of Student Publications at the University is considering either re-publishing to raise funds for student scholarships or granting me a license to place it on my CSU Institutional Repository.
Research Interests:
In 2008 I published an original theoretical typology of the relationship of three important sources of injustice of concern to social work: oppression, dehumanization and exploitation.  Each of these three sources of injustice can inhibit the ability of people and communities to meet their human needs in a way that is consistent with their human rights and with their culturally valued way of life.  After all, perhaps the most important characteristic of human nature is the manner in which human beings strive to meet our uniquely human needs, needs which are universal but which are met in a myriad of culturally specific ways.  

Trained as a social worker, a sociologist and a gerontologist, I am particularly interested empirically in the manner in which older people address their human needs, something which I plan to study in senior centers, day treatment centers, assisted living residences and nursing homes.

Cleveland State University is wonderful place to engage in research and creative activity within a rich urban environment.  I strongly support the stated goal of President Ronald M. Berkman for Cleveland State University to emerge as a premier urban research university.  To such a goal, I plan to devote the remainder of my career as a social work educator and social researcher.

Among specific upcoming research projects:

* Compile a comprehensive glossary of key concepts for social work practice and education, to support curriculum development, program assessment and to provide the basis for a new comprehensive dictionary of social work.
* To publish peer-reviewed articles extending my previously published work on theories of human need
* To establish a funded International Inter-University Consortium on Human Need Theory and Research, to be housed at CSU.
* To publish several peer-reviewed articles, extending my dissertation.
* To publish the first book on a key social institution, the property tax exemption, based on my dissertation and my previous prospectus.
* To publish two peer-reviewed articles on a new typology of theories of social welfare and on the history of the relationship of the cold war and social welfare.
* To commence research in the fields of aging, developmental disability, and social welfare organizations, and action research in the field of mental health.
* Carry out historical research on the sociology of knowledge of social work and social work education, via a longitudinal study of the curriculum of a major school.
* Carry out historical research on the sociology of knowledge of social work and social science research on the psychosocial consequences of unemployment and factors associated with older adult volunteer and voluntary association participation.
Teaching Areas:
My teaching interests and experience involve teaching social policy, social research, micro and macro human behavior theory and community practice.  I have a growing interest in teaching about theories of generalist and advanced generalist practice and in theories of social work practice for global social work education.  I am interested in teaching as part of an interdisciplinary focus on human needs.  I am very happy to have been on the full-time faculty at CSU since August 2007!
Professional Affiliations:
National Association of Social Workers (since 1976)
American Sociological Association (since 1991)
Council on Social Work Education (associate since 1996, full member since 2003)
Professional Experience:
Post-MSW Positions Held:
Social Worker, DC-37 AFSCME Legal Services Fund
Social Worker, Bucks County Housing Group, Langhorn, Pennsylvania
Director, Faculty/Staff Assistance Program, University of Pennsylvania
Clinical Director, The Assistance Program, Philadelphia AFL-CIO
Director, Medical/Psychiatric Social Work Service, Service Employees International Union Local 32B-J Health Fund, New York, NY
Regional Coordinator of Personal Services, National Maritime Pension and Welfare Plan, New Orleans, Louisiana

Pre-MSW Positions:
District 65-UAW Personal Services Unit - Social Work Intern 1979-1980 and Summer Social Work Employee 1979 and 1980
Social Work Intern, Harlem Hospital Division of Child Psychiatry
Family Assistant, N.Y.C. Board of Education Division of Special Education
Counselor, Educational Alliance Project Contact Residence
Social work intern, Community Service Society C.A.U.S.E. Program, New York, NY
Housing Blockworker and Organizer, Chelsea Action Center, New York, NY, 1975-77
University Service:
Current service (see vita for past service)
Member, Curriculum Committee, School of Social Work
Member, Bylaws Committee, School of Social Work
Chair, Development Committee, School of Social Work
Faculty advisor, NASW Student Club
Full-time faculty point person for SWK 200, 201, 300, 646, 647
Professional Service:
Current Professional Service (for previous service, please see vita):

May 2012 to Present: Editor, Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping (www.rnoph.org), a peer-reviewed journal published in print 1995-2012 and online since 2012 by the the Cleveland State University School of Social Work.  So far, seven issues have been published at CSU, supported by the recruitment of over fifty peer reviewers and a full editorial team of associate editors and section editors from dozens of universities in the United States and overseas.

Fall 2011 to Present: Member, Legislative Committee/Advocacy Committee, National Association of Social Workers, Ohio Chapter

Fall 2009 to Present: Member, Regional Leadership Team, National Association of Social Workers Ohio Chapter
Community Service:
May 2012 to Present: Member, Board of Directors, Senior Transportation Connection

Spring 2011 to 2015: Coordinator or Co-Coordinator, Cuyahoga County Conference on Social Welfare (www.naswoh.org/cccosw)

Pro bono consultant to Jan Ridgeway, Executive Director, Garden Valley Neighborhood House (in which capacity I initiated a 2014-2015 field placement which will develop into a field unit in 2015-2016)
Research Grants:
Although I have not received any formal research grants yet, over the course of 2011-2015, I recruited sponsors and co-sponsors for the Cuyahoga County Conference on Social Welfare which have brought in over $10,000 annually to the conference.  Along with the hundreds of annual attendees, income to CSU in the form of conference services, parking, and food services has been approximately $12,000-15,000 annually.

In addition, in my role as Editor of Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping (www.rnoph.org), I have raised cumulatively over $10,000 in donations from individual and institutional Friends of Reflections.