Richard M Perloff
 Title: Prof in Comm & Political Sci
 Dept: Communication
 Office: MU 278
 Phone: 216-687-4632
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. MU 278, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brief Bio:
Richard Perloff is a nationally recognized scholar in science of persuasion. But during his 26 years at Cleveland State he has been indispensable to the School of Communication as well. He has been Communication Research Center director, Chair of the Department of Communication, and this year when the Department became a School, he became its first Director.

Dr. Perloff works in several communication areas including: persuasion, news media, and health communication. Persuasion has the potential to help peoples emotional lives, he says. Persuasion allows us to study the role of communication in the continuing struggle of good and evil.

Dr. Perloff is currently focusing on research in health communication involving issues with minorities, doctors, patients, and minority communication issues. He is also working on editing a special edition of a national social science journal.

An extensive line of various published materials also highlight Perloffs accomplishments. Some of these works include: The Dynamics of Persuasion: Communication and Attitudes in the 21st Century, The Persuasion Handbook: Developments in Theory Practice, and Media Effects: Advances in theory and research. In 2003, his review of, Negative Messengers, was published in the Journal of Communication.

Dr. Perloff can also be credited with several other notable achievements. In 2004, he was named a Fellow of the Midwest Association of Public Opinion Research and was president of the organization in 1995. During elections he is often on radio and television as a guest commentator. He has had around 40 letters to the editor published in numerous newspapers.
Research Interests:
Persuasion Studies