Sailen Barik, PhD
 Title: Professor
Professor, Department of BGES
 Dept: Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences
 Office: SR 263
 Phone: 216-523-7326,  216-523-7562
 Fax: 216-687-6972
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. SR 263, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV); Toxoplasma gondii; RNA interference; Immunophilins.
Ph.D., Biochemistry, Bose Institute, Calcutta, 1982
M.S., Biochemistry, Calcutta University, 1976
Brief Bio:
Citizenship: USA


B. Sc. (1972) Honors in Chemistry, Physics, Math; Calcutta University, India
M. Sc. (1976) Biochemistry; Calcutta University, India
Ph. D. (1982) Biochemistry; Bose Institute, Calcutta, India


1981-82 Postdoctoral Associate, Division of Biophysics, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Calcutta, India
1982-86 Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Microbiology, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, Connecticut
1986-88 Research Associate, Department of Microbiology, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, Connecticut
1989-92 Project Scientist, Department of Molecular Biology, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
1992-94 Assistant Staff in above
1994-99 Assistant Professor; Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine, University of South Alabama
1999-2003 Associate Professor, in above
2003-2010 Professor, in above
2002-2010 Joint appointment in Department of Microbiology and Immunology
2002-2010 Member, Lions-USA Eye Research Center
2004-2010 Member, Center for Lung Biology
2010-2013 Director, Center for GRHD; Professor, Department of BGES, CSU
2010-present Professor, Department of BGES, CSU
2011-present Adjunct faculty, Department of Molecular Genetics, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio

Major discoveries (Publication # cited from Publications list):

1982: Mechanism of bacterial conversion by bacteriophage lambda (1).
1985: Direct role of a ribosomal protein in transcription (3).
1985: Autogenous regulation of transcription termination factor Rho (4).
1987: Demonstration of a transcription antitermination subunit of bacterial RNA polymerase (5).
1990: Complete sequence of the 6.5 kb gene of vesicular stomatitis virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase L using reverse transcriptase; identification of a novel kinase motif (7).
1991: Establishment of a novel and simple procedure for site-directed mutagenesis by PCR (11).
1992: Discovery of the role of a cellular kinase in RNA viral transcription (13).
1993: Determination of the 5'-cap structure of RSV mRNA (22).
1993: Co-Discovery of the first bacteriophage protein phosphatase (PP¿)(23).
1994: Discovery of the role of casein kinase 2 in RSV transcription in vitro (24).
1994: Transdominant mutant RNA viral protein (25).
1996: Immunoprinting: a novel foot-printing method to locate transcribing RNA polymerase (30).
2001: Discovery of antiviral role of RNAi (61).
2005: Founding members of a novel class of dual-family immunophilins (81).
2005: First intranasal antiviral siRNA (85).
2007: Animal model of respiratory viral infection through eye (91).
2008: Role of Sjögren syndrome antigen B (autoantigen La) in immune suppression (102).
2008: Feedback relationship between intronic miRNA and its host (103).
2008: A new translational operon (with Mazumder, CSU) (101, 111).
2012: A novel second slicer RNase in RISC (122).
2013: First report of mitochondrially assembled viral degradasome ¿ a new paradigm (127).
2014: New paradigm of L13a-mediated antiviral defense (130).
2015: New paradigm of pathogen-friendly role of the virus-antagonistic IFN-pathway factor, IRF3 (133).
Honors and Awards:
1965-1969 Valedictorian
1969 15th in State School Board Final Exam (out of about 150,000 students)
1969-1971 National (Merit) Scholar, Government of India
1974 Honors in Chemistry, Calcutta University
1976 Ranked 2nd in order of merit in M.Sc., Calcutta University;
1976-1981 Junior and Senior Research Fellowships, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
1982 Recipient, Lady Tata Memorial Research Fellowship
1987 Research Fellow Award, University of Connecticut Health Center, CT
1995-present Who's Who in America; Who's Who in Science and Engineering; Who's Who in the South-East, etc.
1999 & 2002 Featured in newsletter "The Beat", USA
2000 Burroughs-Wellcome Award for "New Initiatives in Malaria"
2002 President, University Lion's Club
2004 Invited speaker, Keystone Symposium on siRNA and miRNA
2004 Keynote speaker, Australian Society of Microbiology Annual Meeting, Sydney
Creative and Activities:
Intellectual Property:

1) US Patent 7,592,322: "RNAi modulation of RSV, PIV and other respiratory viruses and uses thereof ".

Our research in RNA interference (RNAi), particularly in antiviral RNAi and nasal delivery, has received international acclaim. Our first paper in this area was the "All-time most accessed paper" (Click here: for many years. Our second paper, which came out in Nature Medicine, forms the basis of the Patent and our Licensing Agreement with Alnylam (Cambridge, MA), currently the largest RNAi Company. Of note, the Scientific Advisory Board of Alnylam includes major leaders in the RNA area (Bartel, Tuschl, Harlow, Sharp, Schimmel, Zamore) (Click here for the joint Alnylam-USA Press Release: In fact, this is now a top-priority project in Alnylam's drug development pipeline and has successfully completed Phase 2 clinical trial. If eventually approved, this will be the first antiviral RNAi in the pharmacy.
This work has been featured on NOVA Science Now (in PBS) as one of the landmark discoveries in Medicine (Click here:

2) US Patent 5,831,069: "Antisense oligonucleotides against nonstructural proteins NS1 and NS2 of respiratory syncytial virus and uses thereof".
Research Interests:
Suppression of innate immunity by RNA viruses; Interactions between host and Toxoplasma gondii; RNA interference in lower eukaryotes.

Grant review experience (starting with most recent)

2015: NIH RFA-AI-14-007 Human Immunology Project Consortium (HIPC) U19 grants
2015: NIH ZRG1 IMM-J; AREA (R15) Grants, Immunology
2015: NIH ZRG1 F017-J; Fellowship: Immunology
2014: NIH Shared Instrumentation S10 review panel ZRG1 CB-L 30
2013: NIH ZAI1-JTS-I-M2 (Program Projects)
2013: NIH Shared Instrumentation review panel ZRG1 CB-P 30
2013: NIH Study Section: Immune Mechanisms of Virus Control (IMVC), large U19 grants
2012: National Medical Research Council, Singapore
2012: NIH LCMI panel (Lung Cellular, Molecular and Immunobiology)
2011: Australian Science Fund
2011: NIH LCMI panel (Lung Cellular, Molecular and Immunobiology)
2010: National Medical Research Council, Singapore
2009: Wellcome Trust-India Grant reviewer
2006-2010: NIH Study Section VIR-B, Permanent / Chartered member.
2009: Joint CCF-CSU programs
2009: International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Delhi, India
2008: Veterans Administration (VA) Grant panel
2008: Israel Science Foundation, Israel
2008: Trinity College, University of Dublin, Intramural Fellowship and Promotion
2008: Association for International Cancer Research (AICR) Grant
2008: NIH Special Emphasis Panel on Hepatitis
2008: Förderung des Translational-Research-Projekts, Austria
2008: Research Advance Committee (RAC), University of South Alabama (Internal)
2007: Ad-hoc reviewer for USA-MRIID
2007: BMRC-NMRC Joint Grant, Singapore
2007: AHA SE-Ohio Valley Affiliate
2007: Department of Army-USA-MRAA
2007: NIH Study Section ZRG-1
2007: Förderung des Translational-Research-Projekts, Austria
2007: NIH Study Section IDM-G
2007: NIH (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) Study Section Ad hoc reviewer
2006: Health Research Board, University of Dublin, Trinity College
2006: NIH U01 grant on "Cooperative Research Partnerships for Product Development"
2006: Förderung des Translational-Research-Projekts, Austria
2006: NIH Study Section, Ad hoc reviewer
2005: NIH VIR-A Study Section, Ad hoc reviewer
2005: US Army SBIR Phase I Review under topic OSD04-H07
2005: Gene Therapy Research Program, Academisch Medisch Centrum, IATEC, Amsterdam
2002-2004: AHA SE-Ohio Valley Affiliate
2004: NIH Ad hoc reviewer
2003: Wellcome Trust grant reviewer
2003: NIH Ad hoc reviewer
2003: NIH (NIAID) TMP Study Section Program Project (TDRU), Review Committee Chair
2001-2006: Wellcome Trust, multiple proposals
2001: Reviewer of the MRC Virology Unit, London
1997: NIH (NIAID), Ad hoc reviewer
1997: NSF, Ad hoc reviewer
1996: NSF, Ad hoc reviewer
1995: NIH (NIAID), Ad hoc reviewer
1994: Ad hoc reviewer for NIH (NIAID)
Teaching Areas:
By Departmental assignment; Expertise in Virology, Biochemistry, Signal Transduction.

Current (in CSU; Pre-CSU teaching not shown):
Fall 2012: BIO 688/888, 1 Credit: Seminar in Virology.
Spring 2013: BIO 688/888, 1 Credit: Research seminar.
Fall 2013: BIO 504/704, 3 Credits: Biochemistry.
Fall 2014: BIO 504/704, 3 Credits: Biochemistry.
Spring 2015: BIO 684/884, 1 Credit: Research seminar.
Spring 2015: BIO 504/704, 3 Credits: Biochemistry.
Professional Experience:
Scientific Founder: Sirnamics Ltd., MD, USA.
Book: Editor, "RNAi: Design and Application", Human Press, NJ, USA (2008).
Journal Editor: Associate Editor, BMC Microbiology.
Guest Editor, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, 2012.
Conference: Organizer and Host of "Southeastern Society for Parasitologists Annual Meeting", Mobile, AL (2003).
Legal: Expert witness for the Mobile County assistant DA's office in an HIV trial (2002).

Invited talks (starting with most recent)
(Invitations prior to the appointment at USA and internal invitations are NOT shown)

Cleveland Clinic (Oct 31, 2013)
RSV symposium 2012, Santa Fe, NM
University of Toledo, OH (Nov. 9, 2012)
Ohio State University, Center for Vaccines and Immunity, Columbus, OH (May 17, 2012)
COSHP Research Day speaker, CSU (2011)
Keynote Speaker, Bio-nanotechnology Conference (ASM), Montgomery, AL (Nov 5-6. 2010)
Bose Institute, India (2010)
Indian Institute of Technology, Department of Biotechnology, Kharagpur, India (2010)
University of South Florida: Research Day Keynote Speaker (2009)
VA Hospital, Division of Allergy and Immunology, Tampa, FL (2009)
Mitchell Cancer Institute, Mobile, AL (2008)
Saint Louis University (SLU), St. Louis, MO (2008)
Vivo Biosciences, Inc., Birmigham, AL (2008).
BioForum 2008, Shanghai, China, Speaker and Joint Chair of Session (2008)
Department of Surgery Grand Round CME Seminar (2008)
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark (2007)
Delhi University, New Delhi, India: Keynote Speaker (2006)
International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), New Delhi: Speaker and Session Chair (2006).
Calcutta University, India (2006)
American Society of Gene Therapy, Maryland (2006)
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India (2006)
Joint Spring meeting of BALR (British Association of Lung Research), BIRA (British Inflammation Research Association) & BPS (British Pharmacological Society), Cambridge, UK(2006)
Bose Institute, India (2006)
Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio (2005)
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY (2005)
GTCbio Conference, San Diego (2005)
University of Queensland, Brisbane (2004)
IMCB, Singapore (2004)
Keystone symposium, Invited speaker (2004)
Department of Surgery Grand Round CME Seminar (2004)
Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Meeting, Sydney, Australia: Keynote Speaker &Session Chair (2004)
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA (2004)
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (2003)
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL (2001)
Kyushu Dental College, Japan (2001)
Viropharma, PA (2000)
InBios International, Seattle (2000)
Wyeth-Ayerst Research, Pearl River, NY (2000)
Department of Surgery Grand Round CME Seminar (1998)
University Central Florida, Orlando (1995)
University of Illinois, Chicago (1995)
Springhill Memorial Hospital, Mobile, AL (1995)
University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS (1994)
University Service:
University of South Alabama (1994-2010):

Member, Medical Student Subcommittee, a steering committee for LCME site visit (2009-2010)
Member, FCAPE (Committee on Appointments and Promotions) (2006-2008)
Member, Biomedical Library Advisory Committee (2009-2010)
Member, Medical Curriculum Committee (2000-2003), (2007-2010)
Member, Faculty Grievance Committee (2007-2010)
Member, IACUC (2003-2006)
Dean's Cancer Center Basic Research Translational Committee (2002).
Member, Advisory Committee to build the USA Cancer Research Institute (2002-2003)
Volunteer member of the USA Sexual Assault Response Team, SART (2000-2005)
Member, USA Lions Club (since 2000); President (2002)
Long-range Planning Committee (2001)
Chair, Biopolymer Core Advisory Committee (1998-2001)
Chair, Research Advisory Committee (1998-2001)
Member, Medical Students Admissions Committee (1999-2002).
Member, Curriculum Committee (1995-1998).
Graduate Preliminary Examination Committee (1995).
Graduate Qualifying Examination (1998).
Co-organizer, Graduate Students' Literature Reports (1998).
Member, Computers and Medical Information Sub-committee (1997-1998).
Member, Biomedical Library Advisory Committee (1996-1997).
Chair, Biomedical Library Advisory Committee (1997-1998).
Member, Biopolymer Core Advisory Committee (1996-1998).
Mardi Gras Organization Committee, Mobile, Alabama (1997).

Cleveland State University (2010-):
Director, Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease, Cleveland (2010-2014)
Member, Curriculum Committee of the College of Sciences and Health Professions (2014-)
Member, Academic Misconduct Committee (2014-).
Member, UCCAS (2014-).
Professional Service:
Associate Editor: BMC Microbiology (2005-).
Community Service:
All of the following activities enrich and improve the greater downtown of Cleveland, that encompasses CSU.
Member, Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO): A 40-year old community organization, DSCDO organizes a variety of events and provided many services in the Gordon Square Arts District and around, such as public education, cleanups, volunteering, neighborhood watch, Harvest Market, Dia de Muertos (the Day of the Dead), housing and code enforcement, parades, and historic home tours, to list a few. DSCDO works closely with Mayor Frank Jackson and Councilman Matt Zone and obtains various grants to fund these projects.
Member, Edgewater Hill Block Club: The EHBC is a neighborhood organization that co-ordinates and organizes community events and projects, such as various distance runs and bike races, Rotary Club's "Red Line Greenway" ride for Thanksgiving, and Victory Garden, a City-supported vegetable garden for local youths. We were active participants in the transition of the Edgewater Park to Metroparks control, in the construction of the W. 76th St tunnel, and in the continuing plan of the Johnny Kilbane Memorial, to be established within our Battery Park area, sponsored by the Irish American Archives Society (IAAS). We work closely with several other entities: City of Cleveland, DSCDO, Neighborhood Connections, and Vintage Development Group, which developed the Battery Park area, a modern condominium complex.
Edgewater Hill Victory Garden Sustainability Plan, Edgewater Hill Block Club, Detroit Shoreway: Organic farming in city-approved, grant-funded land. We partner with OSU Extension Summer Sprout, the Cleveland Seed Bank and Detroit Shoreway CDO. Founded in 2011, EHVG is an effort by a group of dedicated member residents to transform a community eyesore into a community asset. EHVG exists on a lot that was home to a dilapidated house which went into foreclosure and was ultimately demolished. The lot then became a neighborhood nuisance, full of trash and the site of criminal activities. Today it provides neighbors with space to grow their own produce while inspiring the values of Ecology, Geology, Environment, and Conservation, building a strong sense of community in the process. In 2014, with generous funding from Neighborhood Connections, we completed an inspiring mural on its walls.
Research Grants:
NIH: "Structure and function of an RNA viral interferon suppressor complex; Period: 09/01 2014-08/31/2017.

NIH: "Nikon A1RSI Confocal Microscope"; Period 05/01/12-04/31/13.
NIH: "Discovery of novel inhibitors of Hsp90/TRAP1" (SBIR) (2010-2012).
Michael J. Fox foundation-Therapeutic Development Initiative Program: "Novel, selective and potent brain-penetrating small molecule inhibitors of cytosolic Hsp90".
NIH (NIAID): "Mechanisms of RNA virus-host interaction"; R01 (2005-2011).
NSF-EPSCoR: Effect of nonstructural proteins 1 & 2 (NS1 & NS2) of the human respiratory syncytial virus on host interferon response" (GRSP award; 2007-2009).
NSF-EPSCoR: "Association of host organelles with intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii: Mechanisms and significance" (2008-2010)
NIH (NEI): "Interactions between ocular tissue and RSV"; R01 (2002-2005).
NIH (NIAID): "Reversible phosphorylation in Apicomplexans"; R01 (2000-2005)
Burroughs-Wellcome Foundation Award: "New Initiatives in Malaria Research" (1999-2001).
NIH (NIAID): "Gene expression of human respiratory syncytial virus" (1994-2000).
American Cancer Society (1992-1994).
American Heart Association (1991-1992)
American Cancer Society (1990-1991).