Stephen C Cory
 Title: Professor
 Dept: History
 Office: RT 1327
 Phone: 216-687-6883
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. RT 1327, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara
Brief Bio:
Dr Cory holds a joint appointment in the History and Comparative Religion Departments at Cleveland State University.  His specialty is the history and religion of the Islamic Middle East and North Africa.  His research focuses upon the use of religious imagery for political legitimization and upon the development of Hispano-Maghribi civilization in North Africa following the conquest of Islamic Spain during the late medieval and early modern periods.  Dr. Cory has conducted research in Morocco on multiple occasions and has presented his research at a number of scholarly meetings, including the Middle East Studies Association and the World Congress of Middle East Studies.  He has taught at Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco (2006) and at the University of Jordan in Amman Jordan (2014-15) on Fulbright fellowships.  He has also conducted research in Spain on several occasions.

Once a year, Dr Cory hosts a map walk on large maps of the Middle East and Islamic world, during which students can literally "walk through the Islamic world" to improve student knowledge of geography in the Mediterranean region, Africa and Asia.  Among his other teaching techniques are his case study debates in which students represent the positions of different groups in debates drawn from Middle Eastern history.  Dr Cory also serves on the oversight committee for the Middle Eastern Studies Program at CSU, which was initially established with Title VI funding in 2005.  The program hopes to eventually offer a major in Middle Eastern Studies at Cleveland State.
Research Interests:
Early Modern Islamic World, Modern Middle East,
  Medieval Europe, Islamic Religion