Taysir H Nayfeh, Ph. D.
 Title: Prof & Director, ISSL
 Dept: Mechanical Engineering
 Office: FH 235
 Phone: 216-687-6967
 Email: T.NAYFEH@csuohio.edu
 Web: http://www.csuohio.edu/ime/nayfeh.html
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. FH 235, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Ph.D., Industrial & Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech
M.S., Industrial & Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech
B.S., Applied Physics/Eng. Mechanics, Virginia Tech
Brief Bio:
Manufacturing Systems, Robotics & Industrial Automation, Manufacturing Process Control, Sensors and Sensor Physics, Nondestructive Evaluation and Testing.

Current areas of interest include:  Wierless power transmission, Space power systems, modular satellite structures, high performance hybrid composites with Nanotubes and nanofibers.
Professional Affiliations:
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Senior memeber
American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) Member
Professional Experience:
Cleveland State University

" Professor:

Specialty: Advanced Materials, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing Engineering, In-Process Sensing, and Program Management.

Schlumberger North America, Houston, TX
March 1980 to May 1990

I was employed by Schlumberger Well Services for 10 years in various capacities and at several locations. Schlumberger is a developer, manufacturer, and user of a multitude of petrophysical and geologic formation evaluation sensors, instrumentation, and data acquisition systems. Acoustic, ultrasonic, nuclear, dielectric, and optical properties are some of the properties measured.

1988-1990 Program Manager, Nuclear Down hole Tools, Houston, TX & Princeton, NJ:
Was responsible for setting up an engineering and manufacturing facility in Princeton, New Jersey for the development and manufacture of down hole nuclear well logging tools.

1986-1988 Hardware Manufacturing Manager (Austin Engineering Center), Austin, TX:
Managed a team of engineers and technicians that were responsible for developing the manufacturing plans for a new generation surface data acquisition system.

1984-1986 Section Manager (Service Support- Surface Systems), New Orleans, LA:
Managed a team of engineers and technicians responsible for field testing and sustaining high speed telemetry, data acquisition, satellite communication, and signal processing of field data.

1983-1984 Section Manager (Application & Sustaining Engineering), Belle Chase, LA:
Managed a team of engineers and technicians responsible for field improvements and sustaining Ultrasonic, Acoustic, Optical, and Microwave down hole measurement tools.

1982-1983 Senior Staff Engineer (Technical Support), New Orleans, LA:
Performed the duties of an aide to the technical manager of the Gulf Coast Unit. Other duties included evaluation of service quality, resolve field technical problems, and technical liaison with the various Schlumberger manufacturing centers.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
August 1974 to March 1978

Research Associate, Departments of Engineering Science and Mechanics & Aerospace Engineering.

I was involved in various technical and management capacities with several government and industry sponsored research projects. The research activities included aerodynamics, duct acoustics, supersonic combustion, high speed data acquisition, and instrumentation.
Research Grants:

1.  Hybrid Composite Glass/Nanotubes Fibers:

Sponsor: Boeing Phantom Works: $75K
2.  Wierless Power Transfer (WPT)-Laser Power Beaming:

Sponsors: Northrop Grumman Space Technology: $27K
          Airforce Research Lab (AFRL)     : $10K + (in the approval process $300K)

Previous Projects:

1. Small Satellite Program (VIKSAT):  NASA-GRC funding

VikSat 1 funding:
2003-2004   $225,000
2004-2005   $570,000
2005-2006         $187,000
Completion Date: July 15th 2005.

2. Open Architecture Human-Machine Interface for Stamping Presses and Welding Robots

Sponsor:  General Motors Corp., Metal Fabrication Division, January 1999-July 2000

Total Project Funding $385,836

3. Client-Server Factory Communication System for Shop Floor Control
Sponsor: The Rockwell Automation Corporation, Information and Automation System Group.
Project duration: December 1999-February 2000
Project Funding $16,340

4. High Resolution Ultrasonic Sensor for Non-Destructive and Medical Applications.
Sponsor:  NASA-Glenn Research Center
Project Duration: April 1999-Febraury 2000
Project Funding $26,000

5. On-line Ultrasonic Monitoring of the Tool Condition During Machining Operations.
Sponsors:  Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program and the Kennametal Corporation,
Two-year program completed in June 1995.
Project Funding $95,000

6. Non-destructive Monitoring of Injection Molding Operations.
Sponsors: The General Motors Corporation (Packard Electric Division) and the Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program.
Two-year project was completed in March 1997.
Project Funding $178,000

7. Fiber Optic System for Part Drop Verification on Injection Molding Machines.
Sponsor:  The General Motors Corporation (Packard Electric Division).
The program was completed in December 1996.
Project Funding $17,400

8. Evaluation and Analysis of Three Dimensional Precision Gauging Systems for plunge EDM Machined Parts.
Sponsor:  The General Motors Corporation (Packard Electric Division).
The project was completed in December 1996.
Project funding $18,250

9. Ultrasonic Monitoring of Ash Content in Polymer Compounds During Extrusion.
Sponsor:  The Ferro Corporation.
The Project was completed in January 1996.
Project funding $6,000

10.    Productivity projects for Delphi Packard Electric:

A total of seven individual productivity projects were conducted for Packard Electric under a single project funding.  Dr. Skip Lewandowski of the Industrial Engineering Department at Cleveland State University was the Co-principal investigator.  The projects were conducted during the period of January 1994-December of 1996.  

Project funding $320,000