Yan Xu, Ph.D.
 Title: Professor
 Dept: Chemistry
 Office: SI 333
 Phone: 216-687-3991
 Fax: 216-687-9298
 Email: Y.XU@csuohio.edu
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. SI 333, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
Mass Spectrometry, Liquid Chromatography, Capillary Electrophoresis, Electrochemical Enzyme Immunoassay, Fluorometry, Analytical Method Development and Validation, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, DNA Base Excision Repair Pathways, Drug Discovery Program
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 1991
M.S., California State University, Fresno, 1987
B.S., Zhongshan University, 1982
Brief Bio:
Dr. Yan Xu is a Professor of Chemistry.  He currently serves as Associate Chair and Director of the Chemistry Graduate Program.  Dr. Xu received his MS from California State University at Fresno, and his Ph.D. from University of Cincinnati.  He joined Cleveland State University in 1991 as an Assistant Professor.  He was a Visiting Scientist to the Division of Clinical Sciences at the National Cancer Institute during 2000-2001.  Dr. Xu is also an Adjunct Staff in the Department of Molecular Cardiology at Lerner Research Institute, and an Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University.  Dr. Xu has developed a solid scholarly reputation in the field of bioanalytical chemistry with external funding from National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society and National Institutes of Health, and had over 100 scientific publications and presentations.  In addition to Dr. Xus administrative responsibility in the Department, he has served on the University Judicial Board, University Graduate Petition Committee, University Undergraduate Petition Committee, University Global Learning Task Force, Presidents Advisory Council on Equal Access & Opportunity, Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair as Judge, American Chemical Society Cleveland Section as Alternate Councilor and Analytical Topical Group Leader.
Honors and Awards:
University of Cincinnati Graduate Scholarship, 1987-91
University of Cincinnati Research Council Summer Fellowship, 1990
Lowenstein-Twitchell-Schubert Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, 1990-91
American Association for Clinical Chemistry Research Award, Van Slyke Society, 1994
The China-Cornell Fellowship, Rockefeller-Lingnan Foundation, 1996
Research Interests:
The major thrust of research in Dr. Xu's group is the development of novel analytical techniques to solve problems in biomedical research.  Current programs include methodologies based on the uses of mass spectrometry, capillary electrophoresis, enzyme and immunochemical reactions; pre-clinical and clinical evaluation of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic endpoints of novel therapeutic agents; and development of novel anti-tumor agents by targeting DNA base excision repair pathways.
Teaching Areas:
College Chemistry, General Chemistry, Quantitative Analysis, Instrumental Analysis, Chromatography and Separations, and Pharmacology.
Professional Affiliations:
American Chemical Society, National
American Chemical Society, Cleveland Section
American Association of University Professors
Professional Experience:
2005- Professor, CSU, Department of Chemistry
2003- Adjunct Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Department of Medicine
2000-2001 Visiting Scientist, National Cancer Institute, Division of Clinical Sciences
2000- Adjunct Staff, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Department of Molecular Cardiology
1997- Associate Professor, CSU, Department of Chemistry
1991-1997 Assistant Professor, CSU, Department of Chemistry
University Service:
Associate Chair, 1999-2000, 2005-Present
Director of Graduate Programs, 1999-2000, 2005-Present
Chair, Tenure & Associate Professor Appointment Peer Review Committee, 1997-2001
Tenure & Associate Professor Appointment Peer Review Committee, 1997-Present
Steering Committee of CSU-CCF Joint Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, 1999-2001, 2005
Head, Division of Analytical Chemistry, 1993-1999
Coordinator, Analytical Chemistry Laboratories, 1993-2002
Graduate Committee, 1995-2001, 2005-Present
Undergraduate Committee, 1991-1995, 1997-1999
Workloads & Summer Teaching Assignment Guidelines Committee, 1995-2002, 2005-Present
Department Bylaws Committee, 1996-1999
Chair, Analytical Faculty Search Committee, 1998-1999
Search Committee for Organic Chemistry Term Professor, 1997
Search Committee for Mass Spectrometry Specialist, 1999
Administrative Review Committee, 1998-1999, 2001-2002, 2003-2004
Sheibley Charitable Trust Committee, 2001-2002
Personnel Affairs Committee, 2001-2002
Appointments and Professional Leave Review, 1991-Present
General Chemistry Committee, 1997-Present
Undergraduate Advising, 1991-Present
Tenure & Associate Professor Appointment Peer Review Committee, 1997-Present
Space, Facilities and Security Committee, 2005-Present
Pharmaceutical Science Faculty Search Committee, 2005-Present
Full Professor Appointment Peer Review Committee, 2005-Present
Graduate Recruitment, Evaluation, Admission and Program Management, 2005-Present
Teaching Assistant Assignments, 2005-Present
Graduate Student Advising, 2005-Present
Graduate Program Assessment, 2005-Present

College and University:
University Judicial Board, 1997-1999
University Patent Review Committee, 1998-2000
University Graduate Faculty Review Committee, 1999-2001
Vice President, Chinese American Faculty & Staff Association, CSU, 1997-1998
President, Chinese American Faculty & Staff Association, CSU, 1998-1999
University Graduate Petitions Committee, 2002-2004
University Undergraduate Petition Committee, 2002-2004
University Global Learning Task Force, 2003-2004
Presidents Advisory Council on Equal Access & Opportunity, 2003-2004
College of Science Faculty Affair Committee, 2004-Present
Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences Full Professor    
     Appointment Peer Review Committee, 2005-Present
University Research Council, 2006-Present
Professional Service:
Judge, Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair, 1994-1999
Organizer/Chair, Immunoassays Session, Eastern Analytical Symposium, 1995
Organizer/Chair, Bioanalytical/Clinical Chemistry Session, The 30th Central Regional
     ACS Meeting, 1997-1998
Contributing Author, Biennial Review of Clinical Chemistry in the Journal Analytical
     Chemistry, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999
Analytical Topical Group Leader, ACS, Cleveland Section, 1997
The Edward W. Morley Award Jury, ACS, Cleveland Section, 1997-2000
Co-Chair, Yeager Award Committee, ACS, Cleveland Section, 1997
Alternate Councilor, ACS, Cleveland Section, 2000-2002
Judge, the 2003 Intel International Science & Engineering Fair, Cleveland, OH, USA,
     May 11-17, 2003
Grant Reviewer: National Science Foundation, The University of Toledo
Appointment & Promotion Reviewer: Case Western Reserve University
Advisory Committee: Cancer Pharmacology Core Facility, Case Western Reserve University
Manuscript Reviewer: Analytical Biochemistry, The Analyst, Analytical Chemistry,
     Chromatographia, Clinical Chemistry, Clinica Chimica Acta, Journal of
     Chromatography, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, and Rapid
     Communications in Mass Spectromety.
Community Service:
Organization of Chinese Americans, Greater Cleveland Board of Trustees (1997-9)
Research Grants:
Start-Up Grant - College of Arts & Sciences, CSU, $30,000, 1991 (PI).
Start-Up Grant - University Research Council, CSU, $25,000, 1991 (PI).
Instrument Grant - P/ACE 2050 Capillary Electrophoresis Control System, Beckman
Instruments, $7,280, 1992 (PI).
Research Grant - Development of Analytical Methods for Material Analysis, Lewis  
Research Center of NASA, $160,365, 1993 (Co-PI).
Research Grant - Development of Analytical Methods for Material Analysis, Lewis
Research Center of NASA, $173,175, 1994 (Co-PI).
Research Challenge Grant - Cystic Fibrosis Gene Mutation Analysis by Capillary
Electrophoresis, University Research Council, CSU, $4,094, 1995-97 (PI).
Research Grant - Rapid Electrochemical Enzyme Immunoassay for Small PSA Concentration in
        Small Volumes, American Association For Clinical Chemistry, $7,500, 1995-97 (PI).
The China-Cornell Research/Teaching Fellowship, Rockefeller Foundation & Lingnan
Foundation, $4700, 1996 (PI).
Research/Teaching Grant, Chinese National Science Foundation, ¥12,000, 1996 (PI).
Research Challenge Grant - Determination of Lysophosphatic Acid, a Diagnostic Marker for
        Ovarian and Other Gynecologic Cancers, by Capillary Electrophoresis, University
        Research Council, CSU, $10,000, 1997-99 (PI).
Instrument Grant - Chiron ACS-180® Plus Autoanalyzer, Chiron Diagnostics,
$33,000, 1997 (PI).
Research Grant - Development of an Analytical Research Center for Biomolecular
        Structures, State of Ohio Research Challenge Fund, $150,000, 1997-2000 (Co-PI).
Research Grant - Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement, National Cancer Institute,
        $61,150,  2000-2001 (PI).
Pilot Study Grant - Fluorescence Polarization Assay for Quantitative Analysis of TMZ-
Induced Abasic Sites in DNA: a Lead to Mechanistic Study of Biochemical
Modulation of BER, American Cancer Society, $20,000, 2002-2003 (PI).
Instrument Grant - Hayes Investment Fund for Mass Spectrometry, State of Ohio
Board of Regents, $180,000, 2002-2003 (Co-PI).
Research Subcontract - Studies of Inhibitors of DNA Repair, National Institute of
        Health (1 R01 CA86357-5) through Case Western Reserve University, $21,760,
        2003-2004 (PI).
Research Subcontract - Modulating Base Excision Repair in Tumor Drug Resistance,
National Institutes of Health (2 R01 CA86357-5) through Case Western Reserve
University, $284,613, 2004-2009 (PI).
Research Subcontract - Phase I Study: Methoxyamine and Temozolomide in Patients with
Advanced Solid Tumors, National Institutes of Health (1 R21 CA126149-01)
        through Case Western Reverse University, $30,721, 2006-2008 (PI).