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School of Nursing

Index by Department:

  Last  First Name Department Title Phone(216)
Abramoff, Andrea Nursing Assistant College Lecturer 687-3883
Adedipe, Adebimpe Nursing Assistant Professor
Assist Prof - Clinical & UGPD
Bertke, Ellen Nursing Asst College Lecturer 523-7281
Bort, Heather Nursing Associate College Lecturer AAU 687-3818
Brown, Laurie Nursing Assistant College Lecturer 687-3598
Cavender, Barbara Nursing Associate Professor - Clinical 875-9871
Cefo, Linda Nursing Asst College Lecturer AAUP 687-3776
Donovan, Deanna Nursing Assistant College Lecturer 875-9989
Douglas, Angela Nursing Assistant College Lecturer 687-5310
Eyth, David Nursing Associate College Lecturer AAU 687-4615
*Gibson, Maria Nursing Assistant Professor 875-9873
Hamilton, Dorothy Nursing Associate Professor - Clinical 687-4614
Harris, Tameika Nursing Assistant College Lecturer 523-7101
*Hasenstaub, Mary Nursing Assistant Professor - Clinical
*Hostutler, Jennifer Nursing Assistant Professor 687-3702
Huffman, Lisa Nursing Asst College Lecturer 875-9908
*Kostandy, Raouth Nursing Assistant Professor 523-7318
Kramer, Antoinette Nursing Associate College Lecturer AAU 687-3548
Kwiatkowski, Michele Nursing Clinical Associate Professor 687-3820
*Matcham, William Nursing Assistant Professor
RN Refresher Program Coordinator
Matthews, Janterria Nursing Clinical Assistant Professor 523-7334
McCrimon, Quintasha Nursing Assistant College Lecturer
*Mitchell, Maureen Nursing Associate Professor
Asoc Prof / Grad Prog Director
Graduate Program Director, School of Nursing
Murray, Beth (Beth) Nursing Assistant College Lecturer
Full Time Clinical Instructor
*Niederriter, Joan (Joan Niederriter) Nursing Associate Professor 875-9874
Othman, Mohammad Nursing Assistant Professor 687-5525
Pace, Karen Nursing Associate Professor - Clinical 802-3051
Rice, Heather Nursing Assistant Professor 687-4593
*Schoenewald, Catherine Nursing Assistant Professor 687-3890
*Thoman, Joan Nursing Intrm Assoc Dean & Assoc Prof
Coordinator Community Health Nursing
*Toukonen, Margaret (Meg Toukonen) Nursing Clinical Associate Professor 687-5179
*Wheeler, Corinne Nursing Assoc Dean & Assoc Professor 687-5048
Wing, Sharon Nursing Associate Professor 687-5429
Winkler, Cathy Nursing Associate College Lecturer AAU 523-7374
Woodfield, Cynthia Nursing Visiting Clinical Asst Prof 687-3644

* Graduate Faculty

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