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CLASS, as a fellowship of teachers, scholars, scientists, artists, and performers closely connected to its urban community, provides stimulating educational programs and learning activities. We have nearly 150 faculty members, most of whom have terminal degrees in their disciplines. Our professors educate almost one-third of the student body at CSU through both general education courses and departmental and interdisciplinary programs leading to a degree. The College is home to 3 schools, 10 departments and 4 programs that offer 27 undergraduate bachelor's degrees, ranging from criminology and drama to bioethics. CLASS also offers 11 master's degree programs, 9 undergraduate certificate programs, and 4 graduate certificate programs. In addition, the college houses several research and cultural centers, including the Poetry Center, Howard Mims African-American Cultural Center, Center for Arts and Innovation, and the Art Gallery. Our faculty are engaged in original research and creative activity, and have received grants and fellowships from the U.S. Department of Education, National Endowment for the Humanities, Ohio Arts Council, Ohio Humanities Council and Council on Graduate Schools.

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Faculty Index by Last Name:
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* Adluri, Sucharita Philosophy and Comparative Religion
Aliberti, Dawn Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Bailey, Brian Music
* Baskind, Samantha Art & Design
* Baumgartner, Michael Music
Bercovici, Toby Theatre & Dance
Bernd, Lisa Theatre & Dance
* Berry, Anne Art & Design
Bleeke, Marian Art & Design
* Boehme, Reinhild Social Work
Bolt, Jeffrey Communication
Borski, Russell Theatre & Dance
* Bracken, Cheryl (Cheryl Campanella Bracken) Communication
* Braziunaite, Ramune Communication
Brentar, John English
* Browning, Birch Music
* Burrell, Julie English
* Bynum, Thomas Black Studies
C top
* Capanegra, Ana World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
* Chang, Angelin Music
* Chang, Myong-Hun Economics
* Charles, Sonya Philosophy and Comparative Religion
* Chriss, James (Jim) Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Clark, Melissa Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
Cole, Mark History
* Collins, Cyleste Social Work
Concepcion, Ebenezer Black Studies
* Conerly, Gregory History
* Conti, Brooke English
* Cory, Stephen (Stephen) History
Curnow, Kathy Art & Design
Custer, Teena Theatre & Dance
D top
* D'Alessio, Gregory Music
* Dyer, Gary English
* El Attar, Hebat-Allah World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Elkins, David Political Science
* Francis, Linda Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Fuller, Kimberly Social Work
Gabrosek, Anita Film and Media Arts
* Gagich, Melanie (Melanie Gagich) English
* Geither, Michael English
Gigante, Maria Film and Media Arts
* Gingerich, Stephen World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
* Gosselin, Adrienne English
Gracyk, Tatiana Philosophy and Comparative Religion
Grebenyova, Lydia Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Grossmann, Aycan Economics
H top
Hamo, Ahmad World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Hanna, Nicole Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
Hicks, David (David Hicks) Art & Design
* Holsinger, Holly Theatre & Dance
Horowitz, Edward Communication
* Hovland, Cynthia Social Work
Hubbard, Dana Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Humphrey, Thomas History
Iafelice, Elia World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
* Isakin, Maksim Economics
* Jackson-McCabe, Matt Philosophy and Comparative Religion
Jeffers, Jennifer English
* Jian, Guowei Communication
Jirik, John Communication
* Jouan-Westlund, Annie World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
K top
* Kang, Wenqing History
* Karem, Frederick (Jeff) English
* Kent, Stephanie Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
Kersten, Andrew College of Liberal Arts and Social Science, Dean's Office
* Kleidman, Robert Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Koukhanova, Irina Art & Design
Kumar, Anup (Anup Kumar) Communication
* Layman, Deborah Music
* Lewandowski, Cathleen Social Work
* Lewis, Jeffrey Political Science
* Li, Qian Art & Design
Lieberman, Evan (Evan) Film and Media Arts
* Lieske, Joel Political Science
Liu, Yuchen Communication
* Liva, Victor Music
Lloyd, Amanda English
Lovell, Rachel Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
Lundeen-Smith, Lori Music
M top
* Mallett, Christopher Social Work
* Manning, Philip (Phil) Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Marino, James English
* Martinez-Abeijon, Matias World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
* Medina-Rivera, Antonio World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
* Nelson, Todd Political Science
* Ngo, Phuong Economics
* Nobile, Jessica Social Work
* Novisky, Meghan Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Olszewski, Carol Music
* Owino, Meshack History
* Pagel, Caryl English
* Pask, Elizabeth Communication
* Perloff, Richard Communication
Perrine, John Music
* Plum, Hilary English
R top
* Rahman, Mohammad Imad (Imad Rahman) English
Ray, Arijit Economics
* Revock, Russell (Russ) Art & Design
* Rindfleisch, Andrew Music
Rodriguez, Marnie Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Rose, Shelley History
* Rudd, Jill Communication
* Russell, Heather Music
Rutherford, Sarah Art & Design
* Sadler, Denise Social Work
* Schultz-Bergin, Marcus Philosophy and Comparative Religion
* Seck, Mamadou (Mamadou) Social Work
* Shelton, Robert (Rob) College of Liberal Arts and Social Science, Dean's Office
Sherman, Richard Film and Media Arts
* Skladany, Michael Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
Slankard, Cigdem Film and Media Arts
Slankard, Mark Art & Design
* Sola, Jose History
* Sonstegard, Adam English
* Sotiropoulos, Karen (Dr. Karen) History
* Souther, Jonathan History
Stack, David (David) Political Science
* Stoddard Dare, Patricia (Patty) Social Work
Stone, DeAndra Theatre & Dance
* Sun, Rongjun Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
T top
* Taysom, Stephen Philosophy and Comparative Religion
* Tayyara, Abed el-Rahman (Abed) World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
* Tedor, Miyuki Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Thomas, Elizabeth Communication
Townsend, Julie English
* Tsagaris, George Social Work
* Visocky O'Grady, Jennifer College of Liberal Arts and Social Science, Dean's Office
Wanyerka, Phillip (Phil) Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
* Wertheimer, Laura History
* Whitbred, Robert (Rob) Communication
* Wiitala, Michael Philosophy and Comparative Religion
* Winbush, Victoria Social Work
* Wrenhaven, Kelly History
* Wright, Valerie Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
Wu, Qiwei (Luna) Communication
Y top
* Yilmaz, Kuzey Economics
Zawahri, Neda Political Science
Zickel, Emily English

* Graduate Faculty
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College of Liberal Arts and Social Science, Dean's Office
Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
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Philosophy and Comparative Religion
Political Science
Social Work
Theatre & Dance
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

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