Ana Stankovic (Ana Vladan Stankovic), Dr.
 Title: Professor
 Dept: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
 Office: FH 344
 Phone: 216-687-2513
 Fax: 216 687 5405
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. FH 344, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
Power Electronics, Electric Machines and Drives, Digital Control, Renewable Energy
B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade-Serbia, 1982
M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade-Serbia, 1989
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998
Brief Bio:
Dr. Stankovic joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Cleveland State University in June 1999. In 2005 she was promoted to an Associate Professor with tenure. In August 2012, Dr. Stankovic was promoted to the rank of Full Professor. She received her Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1998, M.S. from the University of Belgrade, Serbia and B.S from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.  Prior to her graduate studies she worked eight years as a design engineer in the Nikola Tesla Research Institute in Belgrade, Serbia.

Dr. Stankovic has developed the power program in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cleveland State University. The development of the power program and the modern research and instructional laboratory was part of a nationwide initiative to revitalize power programs across the country.

Dr. Stankovic's laboratory has received external funding for core research totaling over $6,500,000.00, including: $262,960.00 from General Electric Lighting, $35,000.00 from the National Science Foundation (NSF), $25,000.00 from the Department of Energy, $20,000.00 from NASA and $6,150,000.00 from Saber and Synopsis. In addition, Dr. Stankovic has received over $100,000.00 of internal funding.

Dr. Stankovic's research has focused on power electronics and electric machines and drives. She has published novel methods to improve the power quality of the grid-connected power electronics converters under unbalanced operating conditions in the power system. Her published work in cooperation with General Electric-Lighting has focused on electronic ballasts for fluorescent and HID lamps. Her research interests also include renewable energy technologies that are of vital importance for our society (a part of the comprehensive national energy policy outlined in President Obama's "Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future" initiative).

Dr. Stankovic  has conducted technical reviews of numerous journal and conference papers, including: IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics-Special Issue on Modern Rectifiers, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications, IET on Power Electronics etc) as well as number of IEEE and ASEE Conferences. She has served on the Program Committee of the IEEE Energy Tech Conference and as session chair on the IEEE Applied Power Electronics (APEC) Conference and IEEE Power Electronics Specialist Conference (PESC). She has been appointed a session-chair for the upcoming IEEE Energy Tech conference and the upcoming IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) Annual Meeting. She has also served twice on the National Science Foundation (NSF) panel session.

For her research, service, and teaching achievements, Dr. Stankovic received a Faculty Merit Award in 2006, 2012 and 2013 and 2019. In 2008, Dr. Stankovic received a Faculty Merit Award for the development of research and instructional laboratory at Cleveland State University.  In 2008, Dr. Stankovic also received the Fenn College of Engineering Outstanding Teaching Award.
Honors and Awards:
Faculty Merit Award - 2006
Faculty Merit Award - 2008
Fenn College of Engineering Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award - 2008
Otstanding Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department - 2010
Faculty Merit Award - 2012
Faculty Merit Award - 2013
Faculty Merit Award - 2019
Technical Presentation Winner: "A.V.Stankovic, Y. Rutkovskiy," A Novel Control Method for Grid Side Inverters Under Generalized Unbalanced Operating Conditions", IEEE APEC 2013, Long Beach, California
Golden Apple Award-2016
Research Interests:
Unbalanced operation of PWM Grid-Side Converters
Line-side Converters in Wind Power Systems
Low Cost High Power Factor Electronic Ballasts
Digital Control of Electric Machines and Drives
Power Electronics and Electric Machines Modeling
Teaching Areas:
Electromechanical Energy Conversion
Power Electronics
Electric Machines
Power Systems
Professional Affiliations:
IEEE Member
Professional Experience:
Nikola Tesla Research Institute, Belgrade, Serbia- Design Engineer
Nasa Gleen Research Center- Summer Fellowship
University Service:
Departmental Assignments

1. Member of the department graduate committee (2000- 2008).
2. Chair - department graduate program committee (2003-2004).
3. Department Graduate Program Committee(2000-2008)
4. Librarian for EEC department (F1999-present).
5. Tesla Chair Search Committee member (2003-2005)
6. Power Electronics Faculty Search Committee(2004-2006)
7. Undergraduate Program Committee Chair (2006- 2008)
8. ETA KAPPA NU Adviser (2005-present)
9. Tau Bata Pi Advisor- 2011 - present
10.Chair - Department Graduate Program Committee- 2011 - 2012
11. Chair- Ad Hoc Committee for Senior Design - Spring 2014-Present
12. ECE Program Revitalizing - Fall 2014 - present
13. Search Committee for 4 Professors - Spring 2015-Present
14. Ad hoc committee for Professional Leave - Fall 2014 - Chair
15. Search Committee for Power Professor - Fall 2015-2017
16. Search Committee for EE faculty-Fall 2016-2017
17. GRAC-2016-present
18. Librarian- 2000-present
19. Chair-EE Search Committee- 2018-Present
20. Certificate in Power Engineering-Chair-2019-present
21. Graduate Course Plan in EE-2019-Chair-2019
22. Faculty Search Committee in EE- 2019
23. Ad Hoc Committee - Electric Circuits-Fall 2020
24. EET Search Committee-Spring 2021, Summer 2021
25. CIS Search Committee for Lecturer/Visiting Professor of Practice-Fall 2021

College Assignments

1. Member of GAC committee (2001- 2004).
2. High-school demonstrations (2000, 2001, 2011,2010, 2008,2009, 2011).
3. Member of the Nominating Committee (2005- 2009)
4. College Gradute Affairs Committe - Member - 2011 - 2012
5. Ad Hoc College Committee on Diversity - Member - 2011- 2012
6. Ad Hoc Committee on Undergraduate Education - Member - Spring 2013-2014
7. Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate Education - Member - Spring 2013 - 2014
8. Ad Hoc Committee on Research and Inovation - Member - Spring 2013 - 2015
9. Search Committee for Associate Dean of Operations in Fenn College of Engineering -Fall 2013
11. College faculty affairs Committee - Fall 2016-2018
12. College Task Force Committee-Summer 2020
13. College PRC Committee- Summer 2021-
14. Nominating Committee- Fall 2021-

University Assignments

1. Computational Services Committee - 2005-2007 and 2009-2010
2. Examiner for Serbian language for the Department of Modern languages
3. University Honors Program Review Committee - Member 2011
4. Graduate Faculty Status Review Committee member- 2011-2012
5. Carnegi Clasification working group- Spring 2013-2014
6.Graduate Student Grade Dispute Committee - Fall 2013 - Spring 2014
7.Graduate Council Program Review Committee- Fall 2018-2019
8. University Teaching Council-2019-present
9. University Curriculum Committee Committee-Spring 2020-
10. Graduate Council - Spring 2020-
11. ADVANCE NSF Steering Committee - Spring 2021-
12 University Petitions Committee-Spring 2021, Summer 2021-Fall 2022
13. Graduate Council Committee- Fall 2021-
14. Program review Committee- Fall 2021-
Professional Service:
Session Chairman for Conferences

1.Session Chair - IEEE PESC, Vancouver, Canada, 2001.
2.Session Co-Chair -IEEE PESC, Aachen, Germany, 2004.
3.Session Chair - IEEE Energy Tech 2011, Cleveland, Ohio, 2011.
4.Session Chair - IEEE IAS 2011, Orlando, Florida.

Program Commitee

1. IEEE Energy Tech 2011, Cleveland Ohio
2. IEEE Energy Tech 2011, Publication Chair

Reviewer for Technical Journals and Conferences

1.IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion.
2.IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications
3. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
4. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronic
5. ASEE 2007 Conference
6 IEEE Energy Tech 2011
7. IET on Power Electronics

NSF Reviewer - Panel Session
Washington, DC January 2005
Washington, DC February 2009
Community Service:
Principal - Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox School-(2005-2008)

Presentation - Mayfield Middle School - March 2013
Research Grants:

Building a Novel Power Electronics and Electric Machines Laboratory at Cleveland State University, NSF- CCLI-Adaptation and Implementation (#0410912)-$34,765. CSU matched with $34,765 and NASA contributed $20,000.
Total: $89,530

DOE - Recovery Act:  (A Nationwide Consortium of Universities to Revitalize Electric Power Engineering Education by State-of-the-Art Laboratories) is being supported under DOE Funding Opportunity Announcement DE-0000152.
DOE - $ 25,000.00
CSU co-share -$12,500
Total: $37,500

IEEE PES - $4,000

Synopsis - $405,000.00
Synopsis - $654,150.00
Synopsis - $4,532,500.00