Helen Liggett, Ph.D.
 Title: Professor Emerita
 Dept: Urban Studies
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. , Cleveland, OH 44115

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Ph.D., Political Science, University of Hawaii, 1979
Brief Bio:
Helen Liggett is an Emerita Professor at the Levin College. Her work is in the related fields of urban and planning theory, visual culture and photography. These interests are held together by the desire to understand and contribute to art and politics of presentation.

Her work has been exhibited at galleries in Cleveland, at the Harare International Festival for the Arts and presented to conferences in Germany and Dublin. She is a participant in the Arts in the Embassies Program, United States State Department.

She is author of Urban Encounters, a book using images and text to consider the city as the site of cultural imagery and a space of life. She is co-editor (with David Perry) of Spatial Practices. Her other published work appears in such diverse venues as Theory and Event, Planning Theory, Whiskey Island Magazine, and the International Journal of Public Administration.

A recent show, "The Photographic Occasion", appeared at the Thomas Campbell Gallery at the Levin College. Her current project, "Let All God's People Say Amen" is community photography in collaboration with Morning Star Baptist Church.

Ongoing work includes 1) Analysis of the relationship between institutionalized urban cartographies and the implementation of vacant land initiatives and 2) Documentation and archiving of projects that contribute to Cleveland's cultural infrastructure.  (This is becoming available under the title "The City Build by Hand" in the Engaged Scholarship section of the CSU library website.)

In addition to exhibiting locally, she is a board member of Heights Arts, a non-profit organization connecting the arts and community.