Miron Kaufman
 Title: Professor Emeritus
 Dept: Physics
 Office: SI 116
 Phone: 216-687-2436
 Fax: 216-5237268
 Email: M.KAUFMAN@csuohio.edu
 Web: http://academic.csuohio.edu/kaufman-miron/
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. SI 116, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
statistical physics, polymers, entropy, mixing, hierarchical and fractal lattices, critical phenomena, phase transitions
B.A., Physics, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1973
M.S., Physics, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1977
Ph.D., Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, 1981
Brief Bio:
Dr. Kaufman has joined Cleveland State University in 1985 and is full professor since 1995. From 2000 to 2012 he chaired the Physics Department. He retired in 2021 to become professor emeritus.
Dr. Kaufman's research in statistical physics covers topics in: superconductivity, magnetism, multicritical points, liquids, polymers and hierarchical and fractal lattices, sociophysics.  
For the last dozen of years he has also collaborated on several National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health funded research projects at the interface of statistical physics with cognitive science, health science, urban studies, and engineering. His publications were referenced 2800 times and their Hirsch index is 27.

Dr. Kaufman is developing enriching materials for all his courses involving simulations using the software MathCAD that can be accessed at his website.  

Honors and Awards:
Bantrell Fellow at MIT, 1983-1985.

NASA-ASEE summer faculty fellowship 1994, 1995, 1996.

CSU Distinguished Faculty Research Award 2007.
Creative and Activities:
Entropy Driven Phase Transition in Polymer Gels, 11'th International Symposium on Surfactants in Solution, Jerusalem, Israel, (1996).

Statistical Model for Mechanical Failure, invited, Nonlinear Effects in Materials Science Session at the Materials Week '97, Fall Meeting of The Materials Society (TMS), Indianapolis, (1997).

Statistical Thermodynamics Model of Spatial Memory, 20'th International Conference of Statistical Physics, International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, UNESCO, Sorbonne, France, (1998).

Environmental Physics: a Pedagogical Contribution towards an Interdisciplinary Approach to Environmental Problems, 11'th Global Warming International Conference, Boston, (2000).

Statistical Mechanics with Mathcad, Gordon Research Conference on Physics Education, Plymouth, NH, (2000).

Entropic Analysis of Laminar Mixing in Single Screw Extruders, 21'st Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society, Leipzig, Germany, (2005).

Analytical Model of Dispersion in Microchannel Creeping Flow, Second International Conference on Transport Phenomena in Micro and NanoDevices, Barga, Italy, (2006).

Biomedical Applications of Entropy: From Electromiography Time Series to Micromixing, invited lecture at the Pan-American Advanced Study Institute "From disordered systems to complex systems", Mar del Plata, Argentina, (2006).

Applications of statistical physics to mixing in microchannels: entropy and multifractals, invited lecture at the NATO Advanced Study Institute "Functionalized Nanoscale Materials, Devices, and Systems for chem- and bio- Sensors, Photonics, and Energy Generation and Storage", Sinaia, Romania, (2007).

Random Walks, Renyi Entropy, and Electromyography Time Series, STATPHYS 23 - International Conference on Statistical Physics, Genova, Italy, (2007).

Physics of Electromiography Time Series and of Mixing in Industrial Processes, Universite de Cergy-Pontoise, France, (2007).

Potts-Percolation Model of Solids and Entropy of Electromyography Time Series, invited Math-Sci Seminar, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, (2007).

Mixing in Microchannels: Entropy and Multifractals, invited colloquium, Istanbul Technical University, School of Mechanical Engineering, Turkey, (2007).

Mixing in Industrial Processes and in Microchannels, invited, Tel Aviv University, School of Physics and Astronomy, Condensed Matter Seminar, Israel, (2007).

Potts-Percolation Model of a Solid with Defects, Tokyo Institute of Technology, invited Physics Department Seminar, Japan, (2009).

Using Entropy and Fractals to Enhance Mixing in Microchannels, invited, The International Conference on Frustrated Spin Systems, Cold Atoms and Nanomaterials, Hanoi, Vietnam (2010).

Integration of the Environment in the Physics Curriculum, invited, American Association of Physics Teachers national meeting Philadelphia(2012).
Research Interests:
Statistical physics applications to superconductivity, liquid mixtures, solids, fractal and hierarchical lattices;

Interdisciplinary applications of statistical physics to cognitive science, polymer engineering, biological time series, urban studies.
Teaching Areas:
University Physics

Electricity and Magnetism I

Thermal Physics

Statistical Physics

Environmental Physics

Computational Physics
Professional Affiliations:
American Physical Society (APS)
Professional Experience:
Organised the American Physical Society Ohio Section Fall 2005 meeting at CSU, celebrating the 2005 World Year of Physics - Einstein Centennial: From Brownian Motion to the Physics of Complexity.
University Service:
Chair Department of Physics 2000-2012;
Chair steering committee Medical Physics specialization, 2000-2020.
Professional Service:
Referee Physical Review, Physica;

Editorial Board International Journal of Global Environmental Issues.
Research Grants:
Thermal Properties of Pressurized Materials, funded by NASA, 1988-89.

Age Differences in Episodic and Semantic Memory (with Phil Allen) funded by NIH 1997-2000.
Alzheimer Disease and Entropy Levels of Information Processes (with Phil Allen) funded by NIH through Alzheimer Center 2000-2001.

Complexity Mixing Index Based on Entropy for Polymer Processing Control and Optimization, funded by NSF through CWRU, 2002-2005.

CSUTeach: Preparing a New Generation of Noyce Scholars, (with Joanne Goodell) funded by NSF, 2009-2014.

Acquisition of a field emission scanning electron microscope for multidisciplinary nanotechnology research, (with P. S. Fodor) funded by NSF 2011-2013, $472,115.

Acquisition of a 4G/LTE Wireless Communications Test Set, (with Ye Zhu) funded by NSF 2013-2016, $270,000.