Neda A Zawahri, Ph.D.
 Title: Professor
 Dept: Political Science
 Office: RT 1749
 Phone: 216-687-4544
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. RT 1749, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Ph.D., International Politics, University of Virginia, 2004
Brief Bio:
Dr. Neda Zawahri studies environmental politics, environmental security, and international relations in the Middle East and South Asia. Her current research agenda focuses on 1) adapting to climate change in the Middle East; 2) the role of institutions in governing transboundary water resources at the global and regional levels; 3) water, food, and energy security in conflict-affected areas; and 4) the domestic politics of water management.  Over the past 20 years, Dr. Zawahri has conducted extensive field research in the Middle East and South Asia and published over 30 articles and book chapters.  She is currently on the editorial board of Environment and Security.  Dr. Zawahri is editor of The Role of Formal and Informal Institutions in Managing Transboundary Basins (Forthcoming, World Scientific).  She has co-edited special issues in International Studies Quarterly, International Environmental Agreements, and International Negotiation.  Dr. Zawahri's articles appear in top journals in international relations and environmental politics, including Journal of Peace Research, International Studies Quarterly, Foreign Policy, Global Environmental Politics, and International Environmental Agreements.
Honors and Awards:
Merit Award for Research, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2022.

Collage of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Excellence in Research Award, 2017.

University Merit Award for Teaching and Research 2011
Creative and Activities:
Sample Publications

Neda Zawahri, forthcoming. "Adapting to Climate Change in Conflict-Torn Syria," in Marwa Daoudy (ed.) Sharing Water in the Context of Climate Change: Examining Key Transboundary Waters in the MENA Region, Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Center.

Neda A. Zawahri, forthcoming "Jordan: A Case Study," in Sofie Hellberg, Fredrik Soderbaum, Ashok Swain, Joakim Ojendal (eds.) The Routledge Handbook on Water and Development.

Neda Zawahri, 2022. "Averting a Humanitarian Crisis in Euphrates and Tigris Rivers," in Hussein Amery (ed.) Enhancing Water Security in the Middle East. Al Sharq.

Neda A. Zawahri, 2021. "Saving a Water Stressed Middle East." The Cairo Review of Global Affairs. Fall Issue.

Eika Weinthal and Neda A. Zawahri, 2020. "Don't Politicize Water," Foreign Policy, September 17.

Neda A. Zawahri and Erika Weinthal, 2019, "The Intersecting Dimension of Water Security," in Michel Gueldry et al. (eds.), Today's Imperatives, Tomorrow's Conundrums? Understanding New Security Threats in a Globalized World Routledge, New York.

Ariel Dinar, Lucia De Stefano, Getachew Nigatu, and Neda Zawahri, 2019. "Why are there so few basin-wide treaties? Economics and politics of coalition formation in multilateral international river basins" Water International 44(4): 463-485.

Neda Zawahri, 2019, "The Multidimensional Aspect of Water Security in the Middle East and North Africa," in Anders Jägerskog, Michael Schulz, and Ashok Swain's Handbook On Middle East Security, Routledge, New York.

Neda Zawahri and David Michel, 2018, "Assessing the Indus Waters Treaty from a Comparative Perspective," Water International 43(5): 696-712.

Neda Zawahri, 2018, "Managing Transboundary Rivers," In Ken Conca and Erika Weinthal's The Oxford Handbook of Water Politics and Policy, Oxford University Press, 451-478.

Jeannie Sowers, Erika Weinthal, and Neda Zawahri, 2017. "Targeting Environmental Infrastructure, International Law, and Civilians in New Middle Eastern Wars," Security Dialogue 48(5): 410-430.

Neda Zawahri, Ariel Dinar, and Getachew Nigatu. 2016. "Governing International Rivers: An Analysis of Treaty Design," International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics 16(2): 307-331.

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Neda Zawahri and Erika Weinthal. 2014. "The World Bank and Negotiating the Red Sea and Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project." Global Environmental Politics 14(4): 55-74.

Neda Zawahri and Oliver Hensengerth, 2012. "The Role of Domestic Environmental Activists in the Governance of the Ganges and Mekong Rivers in India and China," International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics 12: 269-298.

Neda Zawahri, Jeannie Sowers, and Erika Weinthal, 2011. "Assessing States¿ Progress towards Meeting the Millennium Development Goals for Water and Sanitation in the Middle East and North Africa," Development and Change 42(5): 1153-1177.

Neda Zawahri and Sara Mitchell, 2011. "Fragmented Governance of International Rivers," International Studies Quarterly 55(3):835-858.

Neda Zawahri, 2011. "Using Freshwater Resources to Rehabilitate Refugees and Build Transboundary Cooperation," Water International 36: 167-177.

Neda Zawahri, 2009. "Mediating International River Disputes: Lessons from the Indus River," International Negotiation, 14: 281-310.

Neda Zawahri and Andrea Gerlak, 2009. "Navigating International River Disputes to Avert Conflict," International Negotiation, 14: 211-227.

Neda Zawahri, 2009. "India, Pakistan and Cooperation along the Indus River," Water Policy, 11: 120.
Professional Service:

Water Issues in the Middle East, Consortium of Universities in Georgia,, July, 2023.

Impact of Climate Change on the Middle East, U.S. Department of State, June, 2023.

Managing the Jordan River between Israel and Jordan, Northwestern University, May, 2023.

Role of Institutions in Governing Transboundary Water Resources, University of Vermont, April 2023.

Environmental Diplomacy in the Middle East and North Africa, Georgetown University, August 2022.

Water Politics between Israel and Jordan, Duke University, April 2022.

U.S. Foreign Policy towards Iran, City Club event at Happy Dog, February 2020.

Water Scarcity in the MENA Region Workshop at SAIC, May 2018.

Adapting to Climate Change, Northwestern University, April 2017.

Water Security in the Middle East and North Africa, Duke University, March 2017.

Engaging Iran, The Grazella Shepherd Lecture Day, Case Western Reserve University, October 2016.

Future Challenges in the Middle East the role of water, Ohio State University, March 2016.

Engaging Iran, The Grazella Shepherd Lecture Day, Case Western Reserve University, October 2016.    

Managing International Rivers in the Middle East, University of Kentucky, January 2015.  

Arab Spring and its Impact on the Israeli-Palestinian Dispute, Oberlin College, November 2012.  

Designing Treaties to Govern International Rivers, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June 2012  

Governing International Rivers, Tel Aviv University, June 2012.  

Designing Treaties to Govern International Rivers, Duke University, April 2012.  

COUNTDOWN 2012: Middle East A Panel Discussion with Experts from North East Ohio, at Cleveland Council on World Affairs, March 2012.    

A discussion of Transit Cities, a Jordanian film, at the International Film Festival, March 2012.  

Arab Spring, Cleveland Autumn, Civic Commons Radio, September 2011.  

New perspectives on the Middle East, WCPN Radio The Sound of Ideas, August 2011.  

The Arab Uprising of 2011, at Case Western Reserve University, February 2011.  

Managing the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers to Facilitate Cooperation and mitigate Conflict, at Princeton  
University's Woodrow Wilson Center, October 2010.  

Managing International Rivers in the Middle East and South Asia, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, March 2010.  

Adapting to Climate Change in the Middle East, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, March 2010.  

An Introduction to Iran, Cleveland Council on World Affairs¿ Bridges Across the World Program, October 2009.

Governing Middle Eastern Waters, University of Michigan Law School, April 2009.

Attempts to Govern the Jordan River System, New Mexico State University, February 2009.
Community Service:
Provided policy advice to:

U.S. State Department
U.S. National Intelligence Council
The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs
Norwegian Refugee Council
Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan
Eco-Peace Middle East
Member of the Advisory Board and Jordan Working Group Expert at The Center for Strategic and International Security's Middle East Program's Water and the Future of the Middle East
Center for Climate and Security  
PBS Nova
Stockholm International Water Association
United Arab Emirate's International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
Founding Member of the Northeastern Ohio Consortium of Middle Eastern Studies
Research Grants:
Co-Principal Investigator U.S. Department of Education Title VI-A Grant, 2005 and 2014

Co-Principal Investigator, USAID Technical Leadership Annual Program, 2012

Faculty Scholarship Initiative Award, 2011, 2016, and 2020

Co-Principal Investigator, USAID Technical Leadership Annual Program, 2012  

Co-Principal Investigator Social Science Research Council, 2011  

Dwight D. Eisenhower/Clifford Roberts Fellowship, 2003  

University of Virginia Arts and Sciences Fellowship, 2002  

The American Institute of Indian Studies, 2001  

The Albert Gallatin Award, 2001  

The Institute for the Study of World Politics, 2001  

David Preston Fund, 2001