Nicholas C Zingale, Ph.D.
 Title: Associate Professor
CoDirector, CSU T.E.C.H. Hub, CoDirector, Human Fusions
 Dept: Urban Studies
 Office: UR 349
 Phone: 216-802-3389
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. UR 349, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
Constructivism, Phenomenology, Governance, Hermeneutics, Transdisciplinary, Public Management, Public Administration, Organizational Theory, Collaboration, Community Engagement
Post Doctoral Fellowship, Public Administration/Policy, Harvard University, 2007
Ph.D., Public Administration, University of Akron, 2004
M.B.A., Business Administration/Leadership, Baldwin-Wallace College, 1993
B.S., Environmental Science and Health, Bowling Green State University, 1989
Brief Bio:
Nicholas Zingale, Ph.D., is an associate professor in public administration at Cleveland State University's Levin College of Urban Affairs, visiting professor at Case Western Reserve University, and a senior executive fellow from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.  He has over 25 years of academic and professional experience in public administration and management. He is a former associate professor at The University of Akron and visiting professor at The Ohio State University. Currently, he is also a senior executive steering committee member for the northeast Ohio Internet of Things Collaborative, senior research associate in the Human Fusions Initiative and co-director at the Institute of Applied Phenomenology in Science and Technology. He has published over 80 editorial, technical and academic articles and is currently working on a book titled "Being There in the Digital Age - Democratizing the Human Experience."  Dr. Zingale is a 2018 recipient of the student alumni association Golden Apple Award as an outstanding faculty member impacting the lives of students.  He is also the recipient of the National Association of Environmental Professionals Environmental Excellence Award in Education resulting from a USAID grant funded project leading an innovative public policy and management program for the government of Vietnam. He teaches courses in Public Administration and Organization Theory, Public Policy and Government Regulation, Logic of Inquiry, and Environmental and Global Sustainability Policy and Administration. He is a local and nationally invited speaker on issues of constructivism, governance, phenomenological inquiry, public sector technology, and environmental and global sustainability policy and is the previous program director for the nationally ranked master of public administration degree at Cleveland State University.  Dr. Zingale holds degrees from Bowling Green State University, Baldwin Wallace College, and a Ph.D. from the University of Akron.
Honors and Awards:
2018 Recipient of the CSU student alumni association Golden Apple Award as an outstanding faculty member impacting the lives of students.

2006 Recipient of the National Association of Environmental Professionals Environmental Excellence Award in Education for environmental policy project work in Vietnam.

Pi Alpha Alpha National Honors Society for Public Affairs and Administration

Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) since 1996; No. 07960162

Certified Hazardous Material Manager since 1996; No. 7396

ISO 14000 Environmental Management System Lead Auditor (2002)
Creative and Activities:
Zingale, Nicholas C. and Samanta, Aritree. (2017 forthcoming) Loose Governance in Action: Transformations within a Shrinking City. Administrative Theory and Praxis

Clark, Benjamin and Zingale, Nicholas C. (2017 forthcoming) Crowdsourced Intelligence and Information Gathering. Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs

Groble, Patricia; Zingale, Nicholas C., and Mead, Joseph (2016 Forthcoming). Legislation Meets Tradition: Interpretations and Implications of the Volunteer Protection Act for Nonprofit Organizations Journal of Public Management & Social Policy

Clark, Benjamin and Zingale, Nicholas C. (2016). A framework for using crowdsourcing in government. International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age (IJPADA)3(4).

Zingale, Nicholas C. and Piccorelli, Justin T. (2016). From Grout to Grip: Intentionality and the Freedom to Gain a Feel for the Work. Administration and Society. Vol. 48(3) 344-366.

Rush, Christine L. and Zingale, Nicholas C. (2015). Retaining Public Value and Public Law Value in Outsourcing. International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior PrAcademics Press Bole 18 Issue 1 p105-132.

Zingale, Nicholas C.; Liggett, Helen and Riemann, Deborah (2014). Trial by Space: Articulating Value in the Context of a Shrinking City. Administration and Society.

Alexander, Kellogg, Lendel, Thomas and Zingale (2014). Water Resources Shaping Ohio's Future: Water Efficiency Manual for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Facilities (Report). Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Zingale, Nicholas C. (2013). The Phenomenology of Sharing: Social Media, Networking, Asserting, and Telling. Journal of Public Affairs. First published online: 30, May 2013.

Zingale, Nicholas C. and Deborah Riemann (2013). Coping with Shrinkage in Germany and the United States: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Approach Toward Sustainable Cities. Urban Design International: Special Issue: Shrinking Cities. Vol. 18,1: 90-98.

Zingale, Nicholas C. and Elias, Maria Veronica (2013 Forum Coordinator) Stories in Tribute: The Legacy of Ralph P. Hummel and Introduction to the Forum. Administrative Theory and Praxis. Vol. 35, No. 1 pp. 144-146.

Zingale, Nicholas C. (2013). Energy and the Environment: Knowledge for Change in a Quasi-Governmental, Quasi-Business Setting. Journal of Public Management and Social Policy. Volume 19 issue 2.
Research Interests:
Zingale primary research focus is in constructivism, governance, inquiry, applied phenomenology, hermeneutics, transdisciplinarity, and advanced technology in society.  He applies these as theoretical foundations within various societal and organizational settings, such as NASA, Western Power Administration, Local Government and Shrinking Cities, San Francisco Cable Car transportation system, and within community and state programs, such as the Cleveland Evergreen Cooperative and the Ohio Children's Trust Fund.   He has also actively publishing in the area of social media and crowd sourcing and the influence of legal policy on administration. His most recent work is  in the area of constructivism and transdisciplinary approached for understanding the impacts of advanced technology in society.
Teaching Areas:
Public Administration and Management

Organizational Theory

Logic of Inquiry

Environmental Policy and Administration

Master in Public Administration Capstone
Professional Affiliations:
Member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

Member of the Air Waste Management Association National Chapter

Member of the Air and Waste Management Local Chapter

Member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals

Member of the Professional Environmental Technical Educators

Member of Entrepreneurs for Sustainability

Technical Session Chair for Environmental Policy and Regulation AWMA 2003-2004

Member of Executive Committee and Judge for Environmental Performance - Master
Craftsman Award (2001-2006).

Environmental and Safety Editor and Columnist, Industrial Heating Magazine

Member of the Institute of Hazardous Materials Manager (2000 - present)

Board Member of the Northeast Ohio Chapter of Certified Hazardous Materials
Professional Experience:
Nick works with private, public and not-for-profit institutions interested in sustainability management and planning. Over the past 20-years he has consulted with numerous private entities; including several fortune 100 and 500 companies, the U.S. Government, the U.S. Department of Energy, state and local governments, and the government of Vietnam.
University Service:
Cleveland State University Sustainability Planning Committee for developing Urban Sustainability Designations and State Certified Sustainability Managers (2008-Present)

The University of Akron PAUS - Member of the Douglas Shaw Memorial Lecture Series Committee - Environmental Policy and Sustainable Cities (2007-2008)

Chair, RTP Committee - The University of Akron, Wayne College (2007)

Faculty Senator, University of Akron Faculty Senate (2005-2007)

Member, University of Akron Faculty Research Committee (2005-2007)

Chair, Wayne College Faculty Development Committee (2004)

Chair, Wayne College Enrollment Management Committee (2003)

Chair, Wayne College Facilities Committee (2002)

Chair, Environmental Health and Safety Advisory Committee (1999-2006)
Member of the Technical Coordinators Committee

Treasurer, Doctoral Association of Arts and Sciences and Public Administration 2001-

Member of the Akron Environmental Tech. Prep. Steering Committee (2000-2002)

Member of Search Committees (Director of Enrollment Management, and
Professional Service:
(2019) Forthcoming Invited Keynote Speaker ¿ Smart Governments, Regions and Cities. University of Reijka EDT annual conference.

· (2019) Invited Panel Moderator ¿ Facial Recognition in Public Sector Conference. Cleveland Marshall Law College

· (2018) Invited Speaker on technology in the opioid crisis ¿ Opioid Task Force Conference, Cleveland, Ohio sponsored and organized by the Northern Ohio District Attorney¿s Office.

· (2018) Invited Speaker - Smart Cities. Cleveland State University.

· (2018) Invited Speaker - Internet of Things in the public sector. Cleveland State University

· (2018) Invited Television Interview - Internet of Things Collaborative. WVIZ/PBS Idea stream

· (2018). Governance in transition: A case study of the Ohio Children¿s Trust Fund. American Society of Public Administration annual conference. Colorado.

· (2018) Public Administration Theory Network International Conference Coordinator and Speaker, Cleveland.

· (2017) Administration and the hermeneutic mind. Public Administration Theory Network. Laramie, Wy.

· (2016). Creativity in a shrinking city: Bricolage and social entrepreneurship. American Society of Public Administration.

· (2016). Goverance as bricolage: A case study of Cleveland Evergreen Cooperative. Public Admnistration Theory Network. Vancouver.

· (2014). Bricolage and administration. Urban Affairs Association Annual Conference.

· (2013). Bricolage ¿ Playing around with ideas in temporary space. Public Administration Theory Network annual conference.

· (March 2013). Coping with Shrinking Cities: Three Perspectives. American Society for Public Administration annual conference. New Orleans.

· (2012). Gaining a Grip as Intentionality: The Freedom to Become Good at Something. International Conference of the Public Administration and Theoretical Network. South Padre Island, Texas.

· (2012). The Phenomenology of Sharing and the Limits of Computerized Social Networking for Assertion and Telling. American Society for Public Administration. Las Vegas, Nevada.

· (2012). Re-Imagining Shrinking Cities by Managing Spatial Transitions. Urban Affairs, Pittsburg, PA.

· (2011). The Phenomenology of Sharing: Social Networking, Assertion and Telling Public Administration and Theoretical Network, Norfolk, Virginia

· (2010) The Phenomenology of Vigilance: Awareness and Perception as Practical Wisdom. International Conference of the Public Administration and Theoretical Network. Omaha, Nebraska.

· (2010) Overcoming Technical Rationalistic Economic Thinking: Creating New Opportunities in Organizations. American Society for Public Administration, San Jose, California.
Community Service:
Invited Member of Canal Fulton Community Comprehensive Planning Committee (2007)

Trustee, Canal Fulton Library Board (2005 - present)

Coach - NW Youth Soccer Club

President, Canal Fulton T.A.P. Association for Sustainable Development (Senator and
Mayor nominated) (2004-2006)

Treasurer, Canal Fulton Main Street Program (2004-2006)

Chair, St. Barbara School and Church Consultative Council (2003-2004)

Member of the Orrville Safety Council Executive Committee (2000-2002)
Research Grants:
(2019) CoPI He9 sensory in augmented and virtual environs Keck Foundation - $1 million. Submitted

(2019) Research Collaborator and Executive Steering Committee Member: Internet of Things Collaborative ¿ Cleveland Foundation $2.3 million. Awarded

(2019) CoPI ¿ Human Fusions Initiative Engineering Research Center ¿ National Science Foundation Pre-proposal. Submitted January. Awaiting Decision

(2019) PI - Accelerating the Diffusion of Smart City Technology across Networks ¿ National Science Foundation. $750k. In process.

(2019) PI ¿ Transdisciplinary Approaches for Collective Impact and Technology (TACIT) ¿ National Science Foundation Metrolab Civic Innovation Challenge Ideas Submission. Submitted February.

(2019) CoPI ¿ On-board Sensor and Real Time Data Acquisition Capabilities in Transit Vehicles. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) $500k. Awarded

(2018) Research Collaborator and Executive Steering Committee: Internet of Things Collaborative ¿ Cleveland Foundation $1.75 million. Awarded

(2018) PI - Hough Community Engagement Project ¿ IOTC and Digital C $86k. Awarded

(2018) PI - Opioid Research Consortium Project ¿ IOTC $30k. Awarded

(2018) PI ¿ Lakewood Ground sensing project ¿ IOTC $30k. Awarded

(2018) CoPI ¿ Privacy and Technology Planning Grant ¿ Koch Foundation $50K Awarded

(2018) PI ¿ Smoking Sensor Project ¿ Faculty Research Grant CSU ¿ 8k Awarded

(2018) CoPI ¿ Ground Sensing and Community Resilience ¿ National Science Foundation Smart and Connect Communities - $2.5 million. Not Awarded

(2018) CoPI ¿ Ontology and Appreciative Inquiry in the Internet of Things ¿ NAFKI $500k. Not Awarded

(2018) CoPI ¿ Advanced Community Open Wireless Research Network (ACOWRN). National Science Foundation Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research - $2 million. Not Awarded

(2017) Research Collaborator ¿ Internet of Things planning grant ¿ Cleveland Foundation $250K. Awarded

2005-2006 United States Department of Energy ¿ Western Area Power Administration.  Funding to study the impact of self-regulated policy associated with environmental management systems and the impact on pro-environmental worldviews ($7,500).

2003-2005 United States Asian Environmental Partnership.  Grant funding to study and facilitate the development of a Polychlorinated Bi-Phenyl (PCB) Policy and Management Plan for the Country of Vietnam - Electricity Vietnam (EVN)($150,000).

2004 National Science Foundation ¿ Scientific Tools and Application.  Grant funding used to develop a curriculum and purchase technology for water testing and data logging ($4,000).