Rongjun Sun, Dr.
 Title: Associate Professor
 Dept: Criminology Anthropology & Sociology
 Office: RT 1735
 Phone: 216-687-4501
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. RT 1735, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Ph.D., Sociology, Brown University, 2000
M.A., Sociology, Brown University, 1997
M.A., Demography, Peking University, 1994
Brief Bio:
After receiving my Ph.D. from Brown University in 2000, I started my career at Cleveland State University in 2001. My research interests have been in aging and health, family relations, and social development in developing countries.

Book Publication:
    Skladany, Michael, and Rongjun Sun. 2020. Developing Societies in A Changing World.
    Cognella Academic Publishing. Official 1st edition.

Recent Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:
    Sun, R. & Z. Zhang. 2022. "Leisure Activities and Cognitive Impairment in Old Age: The  
    Role of Life Course Socioeconomic Status." Aging & Mental Health,

    Sun, R. 2021. "Double Jeopardy vs. Double Benefit: The Role of Age and Leisure  
    Activities in the Incidence of Disability among Chinese Older Adults." Journal of
    Aging and Health, 33: 350-361.

    Sun, R. & Wang H. 2019. "Worry about eldercare in China: The role of family relations,  
    socio-economic resources, and community services in 2000 and 2010." International  
    Journal of Population Studies, 5(2):1-13.

    Sun, R. 2017. "Re-Examining the Role of Engaging in Activities: Does its Effect on  
    Mortality Change by Age among the Chinese Elderly?" Aging International, 42: 78-92.

    Sun, R. 2016. "Intergenerational Age Gaps and a Family Member's Well-Being: A Family
    Systems Approach." Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 14: 320-337.

Grants and Awards
    2020 CSU Textbook Affordability Grant.

    2017 CSU faculty Merit Recognition Award for research.

    2016 Golden Apple Award honouree, presented by the Young Alumni Council of the  
                CSU Alumni Association.

    2013-2014 CSU Faculty Research Development (FRD) grant.
                "Re-examining the Role of Social Engagement in an Era of Global Aging,"

    2009 Co-investigator, "The Health and Well-being of Elderly Immigrants in
                Cleveland", Office of Undergraduate Studies at CSU, $15,570.

    2006 CSU faculty Merit Recognition Award for research.

    2005-2006 Principal Investigator, "Explaining Differences in Health of
                Chinese Elderly." National Institute on Aging, $36,221

    2003-2004 Co-investigator, "Distribution of Lineage Structures in the U.S.  
                Population." National Institute on Aging, $37,105  

Teaching Areas
    Statistics, SOC354, SOC551, SOC552
    Research Methods, SOC353, SOC550
    Sociology of Aging, SOC316
    Developing Societies in a Changing World, SOC210