Ali A Rownaghi
 Title: Associate Professor
 Dept: Chemistry
 Office: SR 357
 Phone: 216-687-2387,  216-687-2387
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. SR 357, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
Nanoporous Materials, Catalysis Science & Technology; Continuous-Flow Chemistry; Additive Manufacturing (3D-Printing); Membrane Separations (Gas/Liquid); Polymer and Composite Hollow Fibers; Carbon Capture and Utilization; Direct Air Capture; Hydrogen Generation and Storage; Hybrid Energy System; Recycling-Utilization of Waste Plastics; New Product Commercialization; Education & Communication.
Postdoctoral, Chemical Engineering (Separation), Georgia Tech, 2014
Ph.D., Catalysis, UPM, 2008
Brief Bio:
Dr. Ali Rownaghi is Associate Professor at Cleveland State University. Dr. Rownaghi's research involves creating, understanding, and coupling advanced materials chemistry work with process engineering for chemical, biochemical, energy and environmental applications. He works on challenging problems related to sustainable energy, carbon capture and utilization, direct air capture, hydrogen generation and storage, continuous flow chemistry, and fine chemicals production. Building upon his current research expertise, his team will continue working on nanoporous materials to tackle these challenges, which to a large extent, depend on acquiring/capturing/utilizing small molecules such as H2, H2O, NH3, CO2, CH4, light olefins/paraffins, and liquid hydrocarbons.
During his academic career, Professor Rownaghi has co-authored over 130 quality peer-reviewed publications (+50 ACS), two book chapters, and was listed as a co-inventor on 10 issued US patents and over 4 patent applications.
Honors and Awards:
-Top 2% Most Cited People in Their Fields, 2022.
-Top 2% Most Cited People in Their Fields, 2021.
-Best of 2017 by Energy Technology journal for paper: Energy Technology (2016) 4,1-12.
-ACS-Energy & Fuels Top 25 most cited articles in 2015.
-Gold Medal at the World Exhibition on Innovation, Research and New Technologies (INNOVA), Brussels, Belgium (Eureka 2010).
-Silver Medal at the 36th International Exhibition of Inventions New Techniques and Products of Geneva, Switzerland (Geneva 2008).
-Gold medal, The international Expo on Inventions and Innovations-Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE 2008).
-University Puta Malaysia Graduate Research Fellowship, 2005.
Creative and Activities:
1.Rownaghi, A. Rezaei, F., Abdo, A., Multi-Functionalized Hollow Fiber Organocatalysts (US Patent US20210379574A1).
2.Rownaghi, A., Rezaei, F. Lawson, S. Direct 3D Printed Metal Oxide/H-ZSM-5 Monoliths and their Application for Catalytic Conversion of Light Alkanes (US Patent US20220241863A1).
3.Rownaghi, A., Rezaei, F., Li, J., Zeolite monolith compositions and methods for the catalytic cracking of alkanes (US Patent 11,192,094 B2).
4.Rownaghi, A., Rezaei, F., Li, Zeolitic 3D scaffolds with tailored surface topography for methanol conversion with light olefins selectivity (US Patent 2019/0001311 A1).
5.Rezaei, F. Rownaghi, A., Lawson, S. Additively-manufactured structure for reactionary processes (US 20200398456A1).
6.Nair, S. Rashidi, F., Jones, C.W., Rownaghi A., Systems, devices and methods for molecular separation (U.S. Patent 2018/0056246 A1).
7.Nair, S. Dese, J.H., Eum, K., Lively, R.P., Rownaghi, A., Tamhankar, Y., yang, S. Rashidi, F., Apparatus, methods and systems for fabricating thin nanoporous membranes (US Patent 2018/0326398 A1).
8.Nair, S., Eum, K., Jones, C., Rownaghi, A., High efficiency, high performance metal-organic framework (MOF) membranes in hollow fibers and tubular modules (US Patent 9,994,501B2).
9.Rownaghi, A. and Koros, W.J., A robust process to produce high performance composite hollow fiber membranes for post-combustion carbon dioxide capture. (US Patent App. 14/062,966).
10.Rownaghi, A. and Koros W.J. A novel technique to produce silica hollow fibers adsorbent for CO2 capture application┬┐. US Patent App. 14/061,964
11.Rownaghi, A. and Taufiq Yap Y.H., Process to produce high surface area nanoparticle vanadium phosphorus oxide catalyst and product derives thereof. (US Patent 20100311574).
12.Rownaghi, A. and Taufiq Yap Y.H., A process for synthesizing precursors of vanadium phosphate oxide and activated catalysts derives thereof. (Japan Patent No: 2010-533019).
13.Rownaghi, A. and Taufiq Yap Y.H., An improved process to produce high surface area nanoparticle vanadium phosphorus oxide catalyst and product derives thereof. (Europe Patent EP2212022).
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