Alireza Zeinalpour
 Title: College Lecturer - Visiting
 Dept: Information Systems
 Office: BU 349
 Phone: 216-875-9804
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. BU 349, Cleveland, OH 44115

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D.I.T., Information Technology, Walden University, 2021
M.S., Software Engineering, Walden University, 2017
Brief Bio:
A doctor of Information Technology and promoter of theoretical and methodological approaches for students and learners in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, game design and development, computer generated imagery (CGI) development, digital media development, computer graphics, software engineering, web design, cyber security, and related others. Have experience in Anomaly Detection, Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, and Autonomous and Self-Driving Vehicles. Possess knowledge of game theory, and expertise to apply game models in the context of programming including experience with 2D, 3D, and 4D game and animation programming in addition to using Unity Hub Engine. Have familiarity and expertise in game writing techniques, game scripting, and story development. Have proficiencies in computer graphics, CGI animation programming, and CGI software programming. Have training and skills in animation production, video production, film making, and photography. Possess excellent knowledge of object-oriented and web design and language principles for effective delivery of knowledge and skills to students in development of technological solutions. Have expertise of security risk assessment and security planning. Possess operating system programming experience.

Dissertation Work:
Zeinalpour, A. Addressing High False Positive Rates of DDoS Attack Detection Methods. Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies, ScholarWorks 2021, 11146.

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** Current Research Work:
Working on a research study in investigating the relationship between a business simulation game and the gain of profit in the respective business game. The anticipated publication year is 2023/2024.
Creative and Activities:
Game Design and Development

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) animation Programming

Computer Graphics

Information Security

Software Design and Development

Artificial Intelligence

Operating Systems Programming
Research Interests:
Application of Games/Serious Games/CGI Animation techniques

Business Simulation Game Applications

Artificial Intelligence

Information Security

Software Design and Principles

Data Analytics
Teaching Areas:
Game Design and Development

Computer Graphics including CGI

Software Design and Development

Information Security

Operating Systems

Information Systems

Data Science as well as areas of Artificial Intelligence

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    ** Special Topics in IST that I offered are:
      1- Game Programming (Fall of 2022)
      2- Advanced Game Programming (Spring of 2023)