Eran Rubin, PhD
 Title: Associate Professor
 Dept: Information Systems
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. , Cleveland, OH 44115

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Ph.D., Management Information Systems, University of British Columbia
Brief Bio:
Eran is an Associate Professor in the faculty of Information Systems. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC). His BSc degree is in Computer Science from IIT-Technion.
Eran's research interests relate to the economic effects of technology, as well as decision-making and trust in technology.
His research appears in top journals, including the Journal of Political Economy (JPE), Marketing Science, Information and Management, Electronic Markets, Requirements Engineering.

Selected putlications
*Rubin, E., Day, A., Mukherjee, D. (2022) "Managing the Universalization of Information Technology in organizations: The Challenges and Opportunities", Organizational Dynamics, 2022
*Rubin A., Rubin E. (2021) "Systematic Bias in the Progress of Research", Journal of Political Economy (JPE), 29(9), 2666-2719; article covered in Nature News
* Rubin, E., and Beuk, F., (2021) "Emotions and Spillover Effects of Social Networks Affective Well Being", Journal of Organizational and End-User Computing (JOEUC), 33(5), 1-24.
*Beuk, F., and Rubin E. (2021) "Data-Based Negotiator Allocation Management", Business Horizons, 64(4), 537-552.
*Rubin, E., and Rubin, A. (2021) "On the Economic Effects of the Text Completion Interface: Analysis of Financial Markets", Electronic Markets, 31, 717¿735
*Mantin, B., and Rubin, E. (2018) "Price Volatility and Market Performance Measures: The Case of Revenue Managed Goods", Transportation Research Part E, 120, Pages 35-50.
*Mantin, B., and Rubin, E. (2016) "Fare Prediction Websites and Transaction Prices: Empirical Evidence from the Airline Industry", Marketing Science, 35(4), 640-655.
*Rubin, E., and Rubin, A. (2013) "The Impact of Business Intelligence Systems on Stock Return Volatility", Information & Management, 50, 67-75. Lead article
*Rubin, E., and Mantin, B. (2012) "Tabulated Decision Aids and Airfare Pricing", Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (ECRA), 11(2), 159-170.
*Rubin, E., and Rubin, A. (2011) "Supporting Agile Software Development through Active Documentation", Requirements Engineering, 16(2), 117-132.
*Rubin, A., and Rubin, E. (2010) "Informed Investors and the Internet", Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 37(7/8), 841-865.
Research Interests:
Economic impacts of IT, Strategic use of information, Design for efficient information use, Econometric analysis, Behavioral economics, Behavioral impacts of social media