James Brian Joyce (Jim), M.F.A.
 Title: Assistant Professor
 Dept: Film and Media Arts
 Office: FM 627
 Phone: 216-687-5088
 Email: j.b.joyce82@csuohio.edu
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. FM 627, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
Psychology of film, short film, feature films, genre, storytelling, video, film, production, post-production, nature films, fiction, story,
B.A., Psychology, Allegheny College, 1997
MFA, Radio/TV/Film, Northwestern University, 2004
Brief Bio:
Nighttime darkness enveloped James B. Joyce when he successfully defended his Master of Fine Arts Thesis film from Northwestern University. "First & Last" would be the first of several films to screen at national film festivals. His soul swooned when NU him called back to co-direct the National High School Institute's Film & Video program in summers, where he developed the intensive, hands-on curriculum for Production, Animation, Screenwriting, and Acting majors.

In 2006 the time had come for him to move westward-to Montana-where he would teach all aspects of film production for almost two decades. Focusing on the micro-short form, he sought to master the mode his students practiced.

During it all he dallied in filmmaking, both professionally and personally. His textbook, "The Aesthetics of Film Production: A Hands-On Guide to Authorial Voice" would ultimately land in 2023.
Honors and Awards:
President's Excellence in Teaching Award - Montana State University 2012
Awarded Honorable Mention 2011/2012

School of Film & Photography Outstanding Faculty Award-Montana State University Senior Class selection

Turning Point - Second place - Big Sky Shoot Out
Creative and Activities:
Danse Rustique; Music Video (Director/Editor)

Relevance of Place; Documentary Series (wip) (Director/Editor)

Dvorák: String Quartet No. 13 in G Major, Op. 106 - Concert Video (Director/Editor)

Waking Seraphina. Social Media Video Announcement. (Director/Editor)

The Cookie Bridesmaid (wip); Short Video (Director/Editor)

The Evidence Allures and Remains; Short Video (Director/Editor)

The Internet Coach; Discovery Channel - 19 episodes (editor)

Shock; Short Video. (Director & Editor)

The Word; (Producer/Director)

Equus; video installation for the theatrical play Equus. Montana State University

Turning Point 2015 Shootout; Short Video (Producer/Editor) Big Sky, MT

Extra Marital 2011 (Director)

John Dahl & the Neo Noir; PBS Regional Montana 2010 (Post Production Supervisor/Editor)

Streams 2001 (Director)

First & Last, Short Film. (Director)
Research Interests:
psychology of characterization and story; narratology; gaming; game theory; the myth of the authorial voice; synthesis of art and...non-art;
Teaching Areas:
Film Production
Video Games & Gaming
Professional Affiliations:
University Film & Video Association
Professional Experience:
Professional director, editor, cinematographer, and producer on fictional, experimental, industrial, commercial, and documentary producitons.
Professional Service:
National High School Institute-Northwestern University (2007 to 2013)
Film and Video Program Co-Director. Established curriculum for intensive five-week, hands-on program; production, acting, animation, and screenwriting majors.

Instagram Triptych Tippet Rise Art Center (Fall, 2021)

The Art of the Pitch Montana State University (Fall 2018)

HDW 700 HD Camera Montana State University (Fall 2008)

Advanced Post Production Work Flow¬ Montana State University (Fall 2008)

Arriflex SR1 & SR2 16MM Assistant Camera Training Montana State University (Fall 2006)

Panasonic HVX 200 Production Workshop Montana State University (Fall 2006)

Better Media Management for Final Cut Pro 3 Allegheny College (January, 2003)

Arriflex SR2 16MM Assistant Camera Training Northwestern University (Fall 2001-Winter 2005, twice per quarter)

What to do on a Student Film Set¬ Office of Residential Colleges, Northwestern University (Fall 2003)

Four-Camera Television Studio Use National High School Institute- Northwestern University (Summer 2003)

Still Photography and Darkroom Use Office of Residential Colleges, Northwestern University (Spring 2002)
Research Grants:
Instructional Innovation Grant  2019/2020
Center for Faculty Excellence, Montana State University
"The Writer's Collaboration"

Scholarship and Creativity Grants for the Advancement of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Science.
Office of Sponsored Programs, Montana State University
Funding to develop and produce the story of a ten-year-old grappling with his mother¿s invasive cancer.  Lucas panhandles in his mother¿s hospital to buy a ticket to Japan¿s Fukedome nuclear reactor where he hopes to gain heroic abilities like Spider-Man and save his Mom.

Diversity Fellows grant 2018-2019
College of Arts & Architecture, Montana State University
Responding to #MeToo, this project explored the impact of intersectional though and biases in Hollywood, Film Schools, and the content each created. Students were guided to become aware of accidental bias in their own work; additionally, students crafted stories incorporating intersectional philosophy explicitly and implicitly in the plots.

Instructional Innovation Grant 2018-19
Center for Faculty Excellence, Montana State University
Primary and secondary research for crafting effective pitches for projects and grants. Working with DreamWorks Animation¿s top Head of Story and Presentations, I developed a comprehensive process identifying core selling points, the needs and benefits for a project, and how students insert themselves into the process.

Mary Edsal McLaughlin Creativity Award - 2017
College of Arts & Architecture, Montana State University
Compare xenophobia across American and Macedonians cultures; in particular, cultural norms and national laws encouraging/banning transient groups passing through national borders. Screenplay incorporating "us versus them" conceit based on Mountain Men/Cowboy mythos transposed to modern Montana.

Instructional Innovation Grant  2016/2017
Center for Faculty Excellence, Montana State University
Digital Reading Guides- Promoting Out of Class Engagement for the Flipped Classroom.

Research/Creativity Block Grant - 2013
College of Arts & Architecture, Montana State University
Funding to produce a short documentary exploring video games¿ use of Aristotle and filmic conventions.