John Toland Van Stan, Ph.D.
 Title: Associate Professor
 Dept: Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences
 Office: SR G75
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. SR G75, Cleveland, OH 44115

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B.S., Environmental Science, University of Delaware, 2005
B.A., English, University of Delaware, 2006
M.S., Environmental Science and Policy, Johns Hopkins University, 2007
M.S., Geography, University of Delaware, 2009
Ph.D., Environmental Geography, University of Delaware, 2012
Brief Bio:
I am an environmental scientist interested in what happens when plants and water meet during storms - rain, snow, sleet, or otherwise. In my "Wet Plant Lab," we enjoy researching the roles that wet plants play in our Earth's energy balance, nutrient cycles, and landscape ecology. We also collaborate with artists (including art students) to communicate our findings in comics and videos. So, if you are a student interested in natural science or art projects related to wet plants, please get in touch!
Honors and Awards:
2022, Associate Editor, Frontiers for Young Minds, Biodiversity Section.
2021, Protector of Wisdom, Dept. of Philosophy & Religious Studies, GA Southern University
2020, Eos highlight article for book, Van Stan et al. (2020), American Geophysical Union
2020, Highlight Presentation for new book, Van Stan et al. (2020), European Geosciences Union
2019, Editors¿ Citation for Excellence in Refereeing, Water Resour Res (by Martyn Clark)
2019, Award for Excellence in Research/Creative Scholarly Activity, GA Southern University
2018, News & Views feature for Porada et al. (2018), Nature Geoscience  
2018, Cover photo for Nature Geoscience, volume 11, issue 8.
2017, Editor¿s Research Spotlight for Van Stan et al. (2017), JGR Biogeosciences
2017, Editor¿s Choice Award for Yanoviak et al. (2017), Biotropica
2013, Visiting Research Scholar, National Center for Atmospheric Research
2012, Research Scholar, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Creative and Activities:
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Professional Affiliations:
American Geophysical Union
European Geosciences Union
International Association of Hydrological Sciences