Kelle DeBoth Foust (Kelle DeBoth Foust), PhD, OTR/L
 Title: Associate Professor
 Dept: Occupational Therapy
 Office: IM 323
 Phone: 216-687-3628
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. IM 323, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
autism, sensory processing, sensory integration, multisensory processing, neurophysiology, interprofessional education, child development, fine motor skills, community programs, technology and disabilities
Ph.D., Health Related Sciences; Occupational Therapy, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2016
MOT, Occupational Therapy, University of Pittsburgh, 2004
B.A., Biological Sciences, University of Southern California, 2002
Brief Bio:
Dr. DeBoth Foust has worked as a pediatric occupational therapist in school, home and community settings since 2004.  Her area of expertise in clinical practice is working with children with autism and sensory processing disorders.  She completed specialized certification in the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT), becoming SI certified in 2006.  Dissertation work focused on identifying sensory-based subtypes in children with autism, and exploring related neurophysiological and functional behavior correlates of these subtypes.  Current research interests include multisensory processing in autism and sensory processing disorders, neurophysiology of multisensory processing, interprofessional education, and multidisciplinary interventions for children with fine motor delays (such as music therapy and OT collaborations).
Honors and Awards:
2020 Cleveland State University Merit Award for Service

2003-2004 Pi Theta Epsilon; University of Pittsburgh Chapter; Pittsburgh, PA:
President of Student Honors Society for occupational therapy program.

2003 JHF/Coro Health Sciences Fellowship; Pittsburgh, PA
Research Interests:
-Interprofessional Education and Practice
-Advanced technologies and quality of life in communities and disability populations
-Autism, sensory processing and neurophysiological responses
-Objective measurement of sensory responsivity in natural environments during occupational engagement
Teaching Areas:
Dr. DeBoth Foust currently teaches Occupational Therapy Foundations, Research I & Research II for the Department of Occupational Therapy at Cleveland State University.  She previously taught OTD courses for Eastern Kentucky University including: Educational Practice for Occupational Therapy, Applied Research for Occupational Therapy and Evidence-Based Practice for Occupational Therapy.
Professional Affiliations:
Member of the American Occupational Therapy Association since 2004
Member of the Ohio Occupational Therapy Association since 2017
Professional Experience:
KidsLink Neurobehavioral Center; Twinsburg, Ohio:
-Occupational Therapy Department Coordinator 2007-2016
-Occupational Therapist providing individual and group therapy for children with autism and other developmental disabilities in a private practice setting.
-Responsible for evaluations, goal development, treatment implementation, data collection and analysis, supervision of additional occupational therapists and students, development of practice forms and data collection tools.

Geauga County Educational Service Center; Specialized Teaching for children with Autism and Resource Services (S.T.A.R.S.) Program; Chardon, Ohio:
-Senior Occupational Therapist for specialized autism program providing individual and group therapy for school-age population with moderate to severe autism.
-Responsible for assessment and goal development, periodic review of program qualification, collaboration with educational team members, managing use of sensory equipment and gym, supervision of COTA, OT team members and OTA/OT students, development of student curriculum, managing alternate
University Service:
2022 CSU T.E.C.H. Hub Advisory Board Chair (appointed)
2021 CSU Center for Human Machine Systems (appointed by vote)
2020 Academic Director, Internet of Things Collaborative (appointed)
2020   Graduate Council Representative to the University Research Council (elected)
2020 CSU T.E.C.H. Hub Advisory Board Member (August, invited)
2017 CSU IPE Faculty Champions Committee (appointed by program)
2017 University Parking Review Board (appointed by vote)
2016-2017 School Health Community of Practice: Interprofessional Engaged Learning, Research, and Service (invited)
2017 Fall.  Reviewer for Research and Creative Scholarship Award; Thesis and Dissertation Awards applications.  
2020 Calvetti Funds Committee
2017-2019 CSU SHS Curriculum Committee (appointed by vote; 2018 co-chair of committee; 2019 chair)
2017-2018 CSU SHS Junior Faculty Development Committee (appointed by Director)
2018 CSU SHS Interprofessional Education Strategic Planning Committee (self-selected)
2017-2018 University Hospitals Collaboration; CSU Faculty and UH Clinicians

2016-17 CSU MOT Accreditation Prep Committee
2016 CSU MOT Curriculum Committee
2017   CSU OTD Planning Committee
2017 CSU MOT Fundraising Committee
2018 CSU MOT Faculty Search Committee; Chair
2020 CSU OTD Faculty Search Committee; Chair
2022    CSU OTD Curriculum Committee; Chair
Professional Service:
Reviews for Peer-Reviewed Journals
2021 OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health
2020 Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics
2020 International Journal of Developmental Disabilities
2017    Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorder

2021 NSF Smart & Connected Communities Panel Reviewer (May 13th-14th)
2020 Digital Design Studio committee panel (February, invited)
2020 Big Data Center committee talk (January, invited)
2019¿ Vital Neighborhoods Committee Member
Community Service:
2016-present: Tennis Committee Member; The Wembley Club, Chagrin Falls, OH
2006: Volunteer; Love Without Boundaries, China
2003: Volunteer; Rebuilding Together, Pittsburgh, PA
Research Grants:
External Funding:

(2021) NSF NRT 21-536. Schearer, E., Davis, B., Espy, D., DeBoth, K., Zingale, N., Sikder. Human-Machine Systems for Physical Rehabilitation. Awarded: $2,000,000

(2021) Public Interest Technology ¿ University Network (PIT-UN). DeBoth, K.K., Fry, R., Schnoke, M. & Zingale, N. PIT-UN Community-Led Public Interest Technology. Awarded: $89,178

(2021) Public Interest Technology ¿ University Network (PIT-UN). Zingale, N. & DeBoth, K.K. PIT-UN Advanced Technology in Society and the Public Interest (ATS-PI) Awarded: $44,840

(2020) Cleveland Foundation. Schwarz, T. (PI, KSU) & DeBoth, K. (PI, CSU) Designing the New Economy/Barrier-Free Cleveland $13,500 CSU portion of $182,050 total grant in partnership with Kent State University. Awarded summer 2020.

(2018) Northeast Ohio/West Region Regionally Aligned Priorities in Delivering Skills (RAPIDS) Grant. Domholdt, E., DeBoth, K.K., Giuffre, S. & York, A. Requested: $1,226,885 (total partnership), $238,484 (CSU SHS component). Awarded $238,484 January 2019.  

(2017) Reinberger Foundation. Wendland, M. (PI), DeBoth, K., Schaefer, J.  PLAAY on the Move: Providing Accessible and Engaging Experiences for Children with Sensory and Motor Impairments in the Community. Requested: $21,977. Awarded: $10,000.

Internal Funding
2019 (summer): Beery, A. (PI), DeBoth, K., Wendland, M. Undergraduate Summer Research Award: PLAAY on the Move: Using Digital Platforms to Increase Access to Community Spaces for Children with Sensory and Motor Impairments. Awarded: $3,600.

2018 (summer): Beery, A. (PI), DeBoth, K., Schaefer, J. Undergraduate Summer Research Award: PLAAY on the Move: An Interprofessional Utilization of Technology to Optimize Engagement of Children with Special Needs within the Community. Awarded: $4,490.00.

2017 (fall): DeBoth, K.K. (PI), Slankard, C., Berry, A., Wendland, M., & Schaefer, J. FRD-IoT Proposal: Using interactive media and an augmented reality app to increase access to community spaces for children with mobility and sensory impairments. Awarded: $8,000.

2017 (spring): DeBoth, K.K. (PI), Roberge, N., Olszewski, C., Owen, M. (Cleveland Sight Center).  Efficacy of occupational therapy intervention using a musical keyboard for children with visual impairments. Undergraduate Research Award (Nicole Roberge), Cleveland State University. Awarded: $914.