Liqun Ning
 Title: Assistant Professor
 Dept: Mechanical Engineering
 Office: FH 104H
 Phone: 216-687-2580
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. FH 104H, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, 2018
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2013
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2010
Brief Bio:
Liqun Ning is currently an Assistant Professor from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Cleveland State University (CSU). His research interests are in the general area of mechanical and biomedical engineering, with particular emphasis on developing the next generation of tissue constructs, biomedical devices and platforms for addressing significant challenges in regenerative medicine and disease modelling/drug screening. Before joining CSU, he was a postdoctoral scholar Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology, where he worked with Drs. Vahid Serpooshan and Holly Bauser-Heaton on developing biomaterials and biomanufacturing strategies to engineer perfusable platforms for cardiovascular disease and cancer modelling. He earned his Ph.D. in 2018 in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where he was supervised by Dr. Daniel Chen to develop artificial tissue scaffolds for damaged nerve regeneration.
Research Interests:
1) Advanced biomanufacturing/manufacturing, including 3D bioprinting/printing.
2) Biomaterials
3) Human disease modelling (e.g, cardiovascular diseases and cancers) and regenerative medicine (e.g., damaged peripheral nerve regeneration)
4) Advanced imaging technologies
5) Machine learning
Teaching Areas:
1) Material engineering and manufacturing processes
2) Mechanical design and analysis
3) Advanced manufacturing/biomanufacturing
4) Biomedical engineering
Professional Affiliations:
2) AHA
4) International Society for Biofabrication
Professional Experience:
1) Assistant Professor, Cleveland State University, Aug. 2022 - present
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Washkewicz College of Engineering
2) Postdoctoral Fellow, Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology, Sep. 2019 - Aug.2022
Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering
3) Research Associate, University of Saskatchewan, Apr. 2018 - Aug. 2019
Department of Mechanical Engineering