Shamone R Gore Panter, Ph.D.
 Title: Asst College Lecturer AAUP
 Dept: Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences
 Office: SI 230
 Phone: 216-687-2398
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. SI 230, Cleveland, OH 44115

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B.S., Chemistry, Youngstown State University, 2006
Ph.D., Molecular Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, 2014
Certificate, Clinical Research, Case Western Reserve University, 2014
Brief Bio:
Dr. Gore Panter is a 2014 graduate of the Molecular Medicine PhD program of CWRU. Her dissertation focused on Genetic and Functional Studies associated with Atrial Fibrillation. She was interested in determining whether AF-associated SNPs in the chromosome 4q25 region had an effect on expression of PITX2c or PANCR, a novel gene in the region. During her post-doctoral training at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Gore Panter continued to study AF and cardiovascular molecular genetics and electrophysiology. More specifically she studied how a mutation in an individuals genetics might affect their risk for atrial fibrillation and recently sudden cardiac death.
Up to that point, there had been very few teaching opportunities available, however she felt this was an avenue she wished to explore. In Fall 2014, she joined CSU as a part-time instructor teaching primarily non-majors Biology. Dr. Gore Panter uncovered a great passion for teaching, especially teaching non-majors. She truly believes that you don't have to be a scientist to learn science, to like science, or to have a basic understanding of science!  Her hope is that when students leave her class they will feel like they learned some worthwhile information, that they are less afraid of science and that they will gain an appreciation of how awesome and amazing our bodies are and what they do every day to keep us healthy and in a state of HOMEOSTASIS without us having to think about it!
Honors and Awards:
1997 Young Scholars Program Scholarship, The Ohio State University
2004 AAUW Book Scholarship, Youngstown State University
2004 Martin Luther King Inner-City Achievement Award, Youngstown State University
2005 Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry, Youngstown State University
2005 Dean's Quest Award, Youngstown State University
2005 Best Oral Presentation, Conference on Undergraduate and Student Research, University of Akron
2005 Induction into McNair Scholars program, Youngstown State University and University of Akron
2006 American Chemical Society Student Affiliates, Youngstown State University
2011 Caregiver Celebration Honors Award, Department of Cell Biology, Cleveland Clinic
2012 Cardiovascular Outreach Award, American Heart Association, BCVS
2012 3rd Quarter Employee of the Quarter, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Cleveland Clinic
2014 Graduate Student Appreciation Award, Case Western Reserve University
Professional Affiliations:
American Heart Association (AHA)
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Professional Experience:
10/2004-08/2006 Student Lab Asst, lab of J. Krontiris -Litowitz, Ph.D.
Biology Department, Youngstown State University

05/2005-08/2005 Summer Research Intern, lab of Christine S. Moravec, Ph.D.
Cardiovascular Medicine, Cleveland Clinic

08/2006-07/2008 Research Technician, lab of Ofer Reizes, Ph.D.
Cell Biology, Cleveland Clinic

04/2014-08/2017 Post-doctoral fellow, lab of David R. Van Wagoner, Ph.D. and Mina Chung,MD Molecular Cardiology, Cleveland Clinic

08/2014-07/2017 Part-time Instructor,
Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, Cleveland State University
Research Grants:
Functional Genomics of Atria Fibrillation in Human Atria (Diversity Supplement)
Mina K. Chung, Principal Investigator
Granting Agency: NIH-NHLBI
Award Amount: $175744
Term of Award: 07/2014 - 06/2016
Role: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Genetic Studies of Loci Associated with Atrial Fibrillation
Shamone R Gore Panter, Principal Investigator
Granting Agency: NIH-NHLBI
Award Amount: $91718
Term of Award: 08/2011 - 04/2014
Role: PI

NHLBI Research Opportunities for Minority Students
Claire M Doerschuk, Principal Investigator
Granting Agency: NIH-NHLBI
Award Amount: $142409
Term of Award: 07/2005 - 09/2005
Role: Undergraduate Awardee