Mekki Bayachou
 Title: Assoc Dean & Professor
 Dept: College Arts and Sciences, Dean's Office
 Office: SR 353
 Phone: 216-875-9815
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. SR 353, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
Functional Biomaterials, Antithrombotic surfaces, Electron-transfer, Nitric oxide synthases, Metalloproteins, Metalloenzymes, Cyt P450s, Bio-electrochemistry, DNA-sensors, DNA-protein interaction, Small Molecule metabolite sensors, Nanotechnology
Ph.D., Université de Paris (Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, Paris VI) and The Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris-France, 1996
Brief Bio:
2012-Present            Professor, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
2005-2011:               Associate Professor, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
03/2009-present:     Adjunct Faculty, Department of Pathobiology, Lerner Research Institute
                                Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH.

2001-2005:              Assistant Professor, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
During 2000:            Visiting Asst. Professor, University of Padova, Italy
1998-2000:              Research Fellow, University of California, Irvine, CA
1997-1998:              Postdoctoral Fellow, Merit Scholarship Award, University of California
                                 Irvine, Irvine, California.
1996:                        PhD, The Ecole Normale Supérieure and The University of Paris,
                                 Paris, France
Honors and Awards:
2023 and 2021 NIH Research Award (NIGMS, NIH Grant) and Supplement (2023)
2019 Cleveland Clinic Panel Member- Mentorship in Analytical Chemistry, oxidative stress and reproductive medicine
2018 NIH Grant Panel Member (NHLBI, Potomac, Washington DC)
2018 Canada Research Fund (to review applications and recommend funding)
2018 Editor ECS Focus Issue ¿Brain and Electrochemistry¿
2018 Past-Chair, Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Division, ECS
2017 NIH Grant Panel Member (NHLBI, Bethesda, Maryland)
2016 Chair, Organic and Biological Electrochemistry Division, ECS
2016 NSF Grant Panel Member (Arlington, Virginia)
2015 NIH Research Grant Award (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Grant)
2015 Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, Cleveland State
2014 University-wide Distinguished Faculty Award, CSU
2012 Outstanding Faculty Research Merit Award, CSU
2012 Jearl Walker Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Science, CSU
2012 NSF Panel Member (Nanotechnology and Catalysis program)
2012-Present Professor, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

2011 Secretary, The electrochemical Society (ECS)
2011 Selected as a ¿Change Leader¿ with two other leaders selected university-wide to work on an NSF ¿IDEAL Change Project¿ (I.D.E.A.L: Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership).
2011 Past-Chair, American Chemical Society-Cleveland Section
2010 Chair, American Chemical Society-Cleveland Section
2009 Chair-Elect, American Chemical Society- Cleveland Section
2009-2011 NSF Grant Award, Division of Chemistry-Bioinorganic chemistry
2008 Faculty Merit Recognition Award for Research, CSU
2007-Present Undergraduate Students Summer Research Program Award, Provost¿s Office, CSU 2008 Outstanding student employee supervisor, CSU
2007 Distinguished Faculty Research Award, Cleveland State University
2009 Undergraduate Students Summer Research Program Award, Provost¿s Office, CSU 2009-present Adjunct Faculty, Department of Inflammation and Immunity, LRI, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH. 2006 Cleveland State University Research Merit Award (the top category)
2006-09 Advisory Board Member in NSF¿s inorganic Workshop
2005 Cleveland State University Outstanding Student Supervisor of the Year Award
2005 NIH panel review member of a grant study section, Washington DC
2005 Inaugural Outstanding Research Award, Cleveland State University
2012 Associate Professor, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
2004 Cleveland State University Merit Research Award
2003 Chemistry Department Teaching Award
2003 Enhancing Full-time Faculty Research Development Award
2003 New Faculty Research Development Award, Cleveland State University
2003 Department of Energy Award
2000 Visiting Asst. Professor, University of Padova, Italy
2001    Assistant Professor, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
1997-1998 Merit Scholarship Award, University of California Irvine, Irvine, California
Creative and Activities:
* Engaging undergraduate students in research as a new platform for engaged teaching is
an ongoing activity that I maintain in my labs. Honors students and other
undergraduate students worked in research projects in my labs and received prestigious
awards from our department and regionally for their research accomplishments. Most of
them are co-authors in our papers. Some of them are was currently in medical schools or
in other graduate schools.
* On the graduate front, I continue to supervise the Interdisciplinary Research Club for
CSU and CCF graduate students in Chemistry that I founded. This club is sponsored by an
Award that I received from the College of A&S (New Faculty Research Award). The Club
meets for presentations and research update by students and for students. Graduate
students learn how to take an active role in their education process. They also mentor
undergraduate students, who are encouraged to participate and get involved in the
research culture early in their career. The graduate student in this Club organized an annual graduate interdisciplinary research symposium. The most recent regional interdisciplinary symposium included 9 talks and over 70 papers emphasizing the chemistry/biology interface with participation of various schools in the region.
Research Interests:
* Development of functional materials for sensing under physiological conditions (tissue  
  and live single cells)
* Nanotechnology and nanostructured materials
* Electron transfer in enzymes and other biological systems. Study of Electron Transfer  
  Reactions in metalloproteins and metalloenzymes, particularly cyt P450s and Nitric
  Oxide Syntheses (NOSs); Mechanistic and Kinetic Investigation and Structure-Function of
* Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS): Structure-Function investigation, redox modulation and
  electrocatalysis in thin films.
* DNA-modified electrodes and DNA-decorated carbon nanotubes to study NO-induced DNA
  damage. Development of DNA-based Biosensors on Microelectrodes and Microchips. Base
  mismatch, DNA/Antitumor and DNA/Antibiotic Interactions. Study of DNA/Regulatory
  Proteins Interactions.
* Hydrogenase-modified electrodes for both generation and catalytic consumption of
  molecular hydrogen.
* Activation of nitroalkane xenobiotics by heme proteins in bilayered films.
* Heme proteins and catalysis in ionic liquid environment
* Improved sensors for nitric oxide and applications (tissue and live single cells)
* Thin films containing nitric oxide synthase as antithrombotic coatings for blood-
  contacting medical devices.
Teaching Areas:
Analytical Chemistry and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Nanotechnology and Applications
Materials and biological function
Macromolecular Structure and Dynamics
General Chemistry
Professional Affiliations:
* American Chemical Society and ACS-Analytical Division; ACS Local Section (served as
  Chair of the local section and now as Past-Chair)

* Member of the Executive Committee of the Organic and Biological Electrochemistry
  Division, The Electrochemical

* Electrochemical Society (ECS); ECS Local Section (Secretary of the executive

* The Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry (SEAC)
Professional Experience:
I have over twenty-five years of experience in bioanalytical chemistry and applications to molecule-protein interactions and recognition in solution and on modified surfaces to gain insights on structure and function. We also worked on the design of functional nano- and bio-materials such antithobotic coatings for blood-contacting devices and DNA-modified carbon nanotubes for DNA damage sensing. In general, projects in our lab are at the interface of nanotechnology, bioanalytical chemistry, and biological chemistry to study problems relevant to the biomedical field.
Our group has extensive experience in sensor design and development. We also have a strong background in direct and mediated electron transfer coupled to spectroscopic monitoring to study redox proteins and enzymes tethered or immobilized at conductive and non-conductive surfaces and polymeric materials.
As PI, I have just completed an NIH grant (NHLBI) in which we explored innovative functional coatings that prevent blood-clotting on the surface of blood-contacting medical devices and implants. In the past, I have been PI and co-PI on several other federally funded grants. I have also served on NIH grant review panel including NHLBI special emphasis panels. I have a proven record in training both undergraduate and graduate students in meritorious research. I have mentored 78 trainees (graduate and undergraduate students and postdocs; this includes current lab members). Of them 52 are undergraduate students who were involved in relatively shorter periods such as capstone research or summer research experience or for longer periods over a few semesters in our Honors or Pre-med tracks (see selected papers below). Some of them were first authors or coauthors in peer-reviewed publications. Of course, all papers (see larger publication list) involve graduate students and postdocs.
University Service:
Departmental committees or assignments:
  * Sheibley Committee
  * Served on the Search Committees of number of positions
  * Chair, Appointments Committee
  * Chair, Analytical Chemistry Division

College committees or assignments:
  * Served to review Natural Science Gen. Ed courses
  * COS  Rep. on the University's new Wright Center for Sensor Systems Engineering (WCSSE)
  * Served as Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee (2009-2010)
  * Served on the COS Budget Committee (2009-2013)
  * Served on the COS Budget Committee (2013)
* Chair: Budget Committee (2021)
University committees or assignments:
  * Served on the CSU Gen. Ed. Committee
  * Served on Gen. Ed. Implementation Committee
  * Reviewed courses submitted to fulfill the new Gen. Ed. Requirements
  * Served on Admission & Standards Committee
  * Member of Faculty Senate (Representing Graduate College), 2010-2012
  * Chair of the Graduate Dean Search Committee (2011)
  *Served on the Ohio Faculty Council, Columbus, Ohio  (2015-2017)
  * Serves on the University UPRC (2018-2020)
  * Member of Faculty Senate (Representing College of Science), 2021-2023
Professional Service:
* I periodically serve as reviewer for grants submitted to NSF and NIH
* I served as reviewer for grants submitted to DOE.
* I served as review and Panel member for NIH study sections on sensors and sensing devices
* I constantly serve as a reviewer for a number of professional journals, including    
   Journal of the American Chemical Society, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biosensors
   and Bioelectronics, Langmuir, etc.
* NSF-Inorganic Workshop, Member of the Advisory Board, 2006-2009.
* I serve on grant funding panels for NSF
* I continue to serve on multiple grant funding panels (study sections) for NIH
Community Service:
I served on the Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland,  (Prepared and presented the Nanotechnology Corner)

I constantly volunteer for the CSU Faculty Lecture Program in local high schools and events

I also offer lectures on scientific topics to associations and social groups

Invited Lecturer at the Cleveland MENSA

Invited Lecturer, Continuing Education (Health Professionals)
Research Grants:
A.Current Research Support
1)NIH ($447,000) (including $100K Supplement)   Bayachou (Role PI); 09/01/2021-08/31/2024.
  Selenide-based sensors for peroxynitrite in biological media: a bottom-up approach of
  functional interface design
2)NIH ($100,000), NIH Supplement   Bayachou (Role PI) 09/01/2023-08/31/2024
To support the project titled ¿Selenide-based sensors for peroxynitrite in biological media: a bottom-up approach of functional interface design.¿

B. Partial list of Completed Research Support
1)   FRD grant Bayachou (Role PI) 05/01/2020-09/15/2021 Nitric Oxide Releasing
   Electrospun Mats with Entrapped Enzymes for Wound Healing
2) R15 Bayachou (Role PI) 09/22/15-09/21/19
   Nitric oxide synthase-based thin films as antithrombotic coatings for medical devices
   surface when the coated device is in contact with blood; Role: PI
3) State of Ohio Third Frontier Bayachou (Co-PI in multi-PI grant);09/2012-09/2015
Multi-institutional development of sensor systems platforms.
4) NSF (Research Grant)  Bayachou (PI)      08/2009-09/2012    Role: PI
    Mechanistic Insights into Nitric Oxide Synthase Catalytic Function